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Asking The Oracle At Delphi For Help On The Greek Bailout

In the on-line copy of The Times, in an article on the latest episode of the Greek Bailout saga, there is this reader entered comment.

I have just texted the Oracle of Delphi re the referendum. I have had a most impressive and quick response from one of the delightful ladies of Apollo Land.

As you know, I cannot give my answer until the seventh of this month but the gut feeling here at the Shrine is that the “No’ might just win. People must remember that the Islanders are dead worried that their special low rates of VAT will be increased to mainland levels. The good folk of Rhodes and Crete are especially annoyed as they were told pre the most recent General Election by this Tsipras Johnny that no fiddling with the Islanders VAT would take place.

Our political wing has for the last three thousand years advocated making the larger Islands self sufficient – do you think the IMF will consider a loan for this much needed independence? And here’s another suggestion – the EU’s migrant problem could be solved by dumping the poor b….ers on one or more of the many uninhabited Islands and use them as cheap labour to reclaim the land to grow fruit and veg and the profits used to pay back our debt.

Surely, if the Oracle at Delphi gave good advice the Greeks wouldn’t be in the financial mess they undoubtedly are.



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A Tree-Lined Section Of Cycle Superhighway Route 1

I took this picture, as I walked along Culford Road to go to my house.

A Tree-Lined Section Of Cycle Superhighway Route 1

A Tree-Lined Section Of Cycle Superhighway Route 1

Like most of the roads round here, it is lined by numerous mature trees. I haven’t looked at the species in detail, but if it’s anything like my road, they’ll be a mixture, with generally two of each randomly planted to no particular pattern.

Do cyclists bother about leaves on the road?

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Hope For Sufferers Of Cystic Fibrosis?

This morning, the  BBC is showing this report entitled Gene therapy stabilises lungs of cystic fibrosis patients.

It is encouraging news, but also I suspect that it is very interesting technologically.

The genes are actually give to the patient through an inhaler, in a much simpler treatment regime.

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