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An Irresistible Force Attempts To Shift An Immoveable Object

This article in The Guardian is entitled Govia Thameslink takes Aslef union to court over longer trains dispute and the title gives a good précis of the story.

Could this be why new Cl;ass 700 trains have not entered service on time, as I reported in Where Are The Class 700 Train?

After all, some of them will be twelve-cars too!

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Another Suicide Bombing

This morning, this report on the BBC, is talking of another suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t think of any suicide bombing, where the perpetrator wasn’t Muslim.

So why is this deadly practice an exclusively Muslim phenomena?

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Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

In sorting out my kitchen, I need to adjust the wall between the kitchen and the living area.

Jerry's Wonderful Wiring

Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

Jerry obviously thought he was a very competent electrician.

But my experienced Hungarian handyman and myself think otherwise.

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London’s Trains With Built-In Energy Storage

I took this picture at Blackhorse Road station on the Victoria Line.

London's Trains With Built-In Energy Storage

London’s Trains With Built-In Energy Storage

Since it opened in 1968, all trains have had built-in energy storage to save energy. Under Design in the Wikipedia entry, this is said.

Each platform constructed specifically for the Victoria line from new is 132.6 metres (435 ft) long. The line has hump-backed stations to allow trains to store gravitational potential energy as they slow down and release it when they leave a station, providing an energy saving of 5% and making the trains run 9% faster to a speed of 87.2 km/h.

I wonder if Crossrail and other lines use this technique.

Dear old Vicky, may be just two years off fifty, and some things may have been skimped in the construction, but some features of the line can’t be described as anything but the best of designs.

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