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A Design Crime – The Forthside Bridge In Stirling

I first wrote about the Forthside Bridge in Stirling in Stirling, when I thought it was impressive.

But on my second visit to the City, I realise that practically, it isn’t as good as you’d expect.

It’s biggest problem, is that it was not properly integrated with the station, the main road through the city and the shopping centre.

I was staying on the wrong side of the tracks and to get to my train, I needed to cross the bridge, enter the station and then walk back across the tracks on another bridge.

In a sensible station design the bridge in the station would lead to a second ticket gate on the other side. One guy told me, it used to and he thought about buying a flat on the other side, until the ticket gate was removed.


  • When I arrived on Friday night, I went to the Shopping Centre to buy a jumper at the Marks and Spencer there! It closed at 18:00. On a Frioday night! Ridiculous!
  • On Saturday, I went to Pizza Express at about 21:00. Staff probably outnumbered the patrons.
  • It was certainly a lot busier on the other side of the tracks.

So was one guy about eighteen right, when he said the bridge was all bullshit.

I’m nominating the Forthside Bridge in Stirling as a design crime.

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