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Bermondsey Dive-Under – 10th August 2016

This set of pictures were taken from the other side to those in Bermondsey Dive-Under – 8th August 2016.

It’s certainly going to be noticeable.

The large building in the background is SELCHP, which is a major energy from waste incinerator.

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Almost Finished At The Elephant And Castle

In December 2015, a scheme started to create a new road and pedestrian layout at Elephant and Castle.

I wrote about it in Fun At The Elephant And Castle.

It is now substantially complete, as these pictures show.


  • I think if you regularly change between the Bakerloo and Northern Lines at Elephant and Castle station, you might come to the surface and walk across, rather than using the long tunnels below.
  • There seems to be less traffic.
  • I wonder if we’ll get some cafes in the middle.

From a pedestrian point of view, it certainly seemed a lot better.


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Needham Market Station

Needham Market Station is a Grade 2 Listed Building.

I was passing through on a sunny day and took these pictures.

In some ways now, one of the most remarkable features of the station, is that the Ipswich-bound platform has now been rebuilt using a new plastic platform. I wrote about the develoopment in The Platform For The Future, when it won a Railway Industry Innovation Awards for 2016.


  • It is an incredible station for a small town.
  • The platform by the station building is traditional.
  • The builders have done a good job on creating an acceptable subway.
  • The plastic platform has a very smooth and safe surface.

After having visited, I think we’ll see a lot more of these platforms.

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Hopefully, The First Of The Many!

Transport for London have placed this ticket machine on the island platform 7 and 8 at Stratford station.

A Ticket Machine On Platform 7 And 8 At Stratford Station

A Ticket Machine On Platform 7 And 8 At Stratford Station

Hopefully, it is the First of the Many!

The Germans do it all the time, as this picture, taken at a station in Leipzig shows.

A Ticket Machine On The Platform At Leipzig Markt Station

It is just so convenient.

When I took the picture of the Stratford machine, I was going to Braintree, by using my |Freedom Pass to Shenfield and then buying a ticket to Braintree from Shenfield in the machine there.

But as I had my Shenfield to Braintree ticket before I left Stratford, it was just so much more quicker, not having to go through the barriers at Shenfield station to buy a ticket.

Knowing the way the self loading cargo ducks and dives its way around East London, I think it won’t be long before this machine at Stratford gets used in all sorts of legal ways.

  • Buying a ticket for a train later in the day, or even later in the week, month or year.
  • Buying an extension ticket to a Freedom Pass, Travel Card or even an ordinary ticket.
  • Topping up your  Oyster whilst waiting for a train.
  • Avoiding queues at machines in Booking Halls and busy stations.

I do wonder how many people on seeing the mchine, are reminded to buy a ticket for a future trip.

I don’t know whether the machine at Stratford is an experiment or permanent, but this user would like to see more machines on platforms.

Stratford, is one of the few stations, where you can catch both Underground and National Rail trains. So I suppose, there could be times where passengers get to the station on the Central or JubileeLines with Oyster and want to use main line services to perhaps Colchester, Chelmsford or Southend,  that stop at Stratford.

A ticket machine inside the barriers, avoids the need to go out to buy another.



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Witham Station And The Braintree Branch Line

These pictures show Witham station and the Braintree Branch Line.


  • All trains to and from Braintree call in platform 4 in Witham station, with  trains to London crossing over the Great Eastern Main Line, South of the station.
  • Will direct services between Braintree and London be stopped to speed up main line services?
  • Witham station has long platforms and lifts.
  • The branch is tidy.
  • There would appear to be space for a passing loop at Cressing.
  • There are some inevitable level crossings.
  • Braintree station is the best of the stations on the line.


The branch line coould certainly be improved to provide a two trains per hour service. I do suspect that most direct services to and from London could end, as this would probably ease timetabling of trains through Witham station.

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A Walk Between Colchester’s Two Stations

I’ve not been to Colchester many times.

Once I remember, I had to go to Celia’s Chambers on North Hill and for some reason I took the train and walked. I think, it could have been that we were going out with friends from the Chambers and she must have driven me home. But it was probably around twenty years ago.

So as I’d certainly never been to Colchester Town station and wanted to get some photos for Making Sense Of The New East Anglia Franchise, I thought it might be a please to go and have a walk to Colchester station to get the train home.

This Google Map shows the two stations and the town.

Colchester Stations

Colchester Stations

Colchester station is at the top, with the Great Eastern Main Line going through in a West-East direction, from Chelmsford to Ipswich.

The Sunshine Coast Line breaks off the main line, turns South and goes out of the South-East corner of the map.

There is a branch from this line, that goes from a triangular junction to Colchester Town station, which is in the midde at the bottom of the map.

These are pictures, I took on my walk.


  • It is not a very well-signposted route.
  • There is plenty of space at Colchester Town station and it would be possible to walk across between the two platforms.
  • It is quite a steep walk up from both stations.
  • What didn’t help, was that the Town Centre was being landscaped and there was builders rubbish everywhere.

If you look at the Google Map, I’m certain there must be a better walking route, than the one I used. But then if Councils put up decent walking maps and routes, the natives complain, as they say they know their town and city well.


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IKEA Make A Mistake

For my kitchen, I need one of these sink cabinets numbered 901.049.37

The cabinet and the front were delivered as three items.

  • TINGSRYD drawer front 60×20 wood effect black 402.056.79
  • TINGSRYD door 60×60 wood effect black 702.056.68
  • ME base cb f b-in oven/sink 60x60x80 wood eff bl 202.055.43

But I thought I ordered one with a drawer.

As the order was split down by a computer, the computer got it wrong.

But then I’ve always had trouble with IKEA’s computer system, as I wrote about in Infuriating IKEA.

These pictures show the current state of the unfinished cabinet.

I’ve e-mailed their customer service and not had a reply.

Incidentally, I can’t find a 60×60 drawer front on their web site.

A drilling tempolate would do, so I could modify the door myself.

But unfortunately with the holes, I have no idea, where to put them!

Has anybody got any suggestions?

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Celia Was Right!

I survived one night with the new sink.

My New Sink

Celia was right to always have a big sink in a bathroom, so you can bath a baby! Or do the washing up!

I have on in the downstairs bathroom! So now I have clean dishes.

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Putting Together IKEA Furniture

I took these pictures to show the tools I use to put together IKEA furniture.


  • The Sheba butter knife is excellent for opening packages, as it won’t scratch the furniture.
  • The well-balanced hammer for nailing on the backs of cupboards.
  • Scissors are always useful.
  • This Phillips screwdriver doubled as a light hammer for banging in lcation pegs.

I rarely use anything else!


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Russia Has Killed More Civilians Than ISIS

The title of this post is taken directly from The Times.

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