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Kent On The Cusp Of Change

This is the title of an article in the July 2017 Edition of Modern Railways, which discusses the various issues that will be tackled by the new franchisee, who will take over from the current Southeastern.

Under Future Of The Franchise, Wikipedia says this.

In June 2017 the Department for Transport announced an Abellio/East Japan Railway Company/Mitsui consortium, incumbent Govia, Stagecoach and Trenitalia had been shortlisted to bid for the next South Eastern franchise.

The Invitation to Tender for the next franchise will be released in September 2017, the winning bidder will be announced in August 2018 and they will take over the franchise in December 2018.

So four big beasts will be fighting it out to run trains from London to Kent.

Over the last few years, new franchises; Greater Anglia, Northern, South Western Trains and TransPennine have all promised or arranged selections of the following.

  • New fleets of trains.
  • Refurbished trains.
  • Lots of new seats.
  • Increased frequencies.
  • Better passenger facilities.
  • Improved ticketing.
  • Smart-card tuckering.
  • Better repay systems for delays.
  • Wi-fi.

I can’t believe that big promises will not be made in all the offers to take over the franchise.

So what will and what may happen?

The Modern Railways article discusses the following.

Each is discussed in separate posts.



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Fashion Goes Around And Around

This is the front page of today’s Times 2.

Note the bottom line.

(brace yourself for the velvet bikini)

Celia had a bright French orange velvet bikini  in the mid-1970s.

Nothing is new.

If I remember Celia liked it, but then she always liked bright colours! Except yellow!


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Do You Have A Child Approaching Twenty-Four Who Uses Trains?

Martin Lewis came up with this tip on BBC Radio 5.

If a Young Person’s Railcard is bough on a three-year basis, it stretches a few months past, their twenty-seventh birthday.

He did say you had to get your dates right!

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An Interesting Insight Into The Grenfell House Fire

This article on Construction News is a must read.

It describes the experiences of a Morgan Sindall employee, who lived in the tower and was in bed, when the fire started.

He works on Crossrail, so he is obviously fully-trained  and actually states that training said to stay put.

He didn’t and got out safely although in very little clothing.

It does appear that the treatment of their employee by Morgan Sindall is exemplary, so it looks to me that as this story gets more well-known, they won’t be short of applicants for permanent positions in the future.

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Home To A Kafkaesque Situation

I got back from holiday last night and with great difficulty managed to get in using my key, as the lock was so stiff.

I then found getting the key out was extremely difficult and after about ten minutes of pulling, I was able to get it out by using a screwdriver through the hole in the key.

I dare not go out, as suppose the key broke getting back in, then I would really be in the doodah.

As I’ve just returned from holiday, I’ve got no food in the house at all.

I actually think the problem could be just down to the heat.

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