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A Trip To Baden-Baden By Tram-Train

These pictures show how I caught a tram-train in the Centre of Karlsruhe and went to Baden-Baden both to have a look and an early supper.

It was a good illustration about how tram-trains widen the transport possibilities of a city or large town.

  1. I caught the tram-train in the middle of the main street of Karlsruhe.
  2. It used the tram lines to get to Karlsruhe station.
  3. From there it became a train anmd went all the way to Baden-Baden station.
  4. I then caught a bus to the centre of Baden-Baden using the same ticket.

The only problem was that the service frequency was only one tram-train every half-hour.

But then German trains and trams aren’t as frequent as those in the UK.


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The Karlsruhe Tunnel Is Still Not Finished

The main reason to go to Karlsruhe was to see if the contractors had completed the Stadtbahn tunnel under the city.

The pictures, show that they haven’t!

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From Munich To Karlsruhe

After a night’s rest by the station in the excellent Excelsior Jotel, it was on to Karlsruhe in the morning.


  1. There are not many non-stop trains on this route an d my train was pretty crowded.
  2. The journey took three hours and cost thirty euros.
  3. We arrived in Karlsruhe on time.

It could easily have been done in stages with perhaps stops at Augsburg and Stuttgart.

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Pizza Again Last Night

It’s not often, I’ve ate pizza two nights running, but last night I went to Pizzesco after Cielo di Berlino in Berlin.

Both were gluten-free and washed done with Lammsbrau gluten-free beer.

If you give Pizza Express 7 out of 10, then Berlin would be 8 and Munich 9 or 10.

The only trouble with Pizzesco is that it gets busier every time I go.

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The Excelsior In Munich Delivers

When I pass through Munich on my long trips, I generally stay in the Excelsior hotel by the Hbf (Hauptbahnhof).

  • It is about a fifty metre walk from the station entrance.
  • The hotel dies old-fashioned service at a reasonable price.
  • The rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  • It has baths.
  • It does a proper cooked breakfast.
  • It is convenient for the trams.

Once I needed a phone charger, so they sold me one for a couple of euros from their large collection guests had left behind.

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