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What Would Be The Best Result In The Manchester Derby?

Despite supporting Ipswich since our next door neighbour in Felixstowe took me at the end of the Ramsey era, I have affections for two other clubs.

As a child and teenager living in London, I did what my father had done in his youth and regularly went to see Spurs at White Hart Lane.

My father would tell stories about how he was at the Cup Final in 1921 and how before the Great War, his father would take them to the game in a pony and trap. My grandfather would give a kid a shilling to hold the horse’s head during the match.

Then in the 1960s at Liverpool University, I regular went to see both of the Liverpool clubs, although I identified more with Liverpool.

Perhaps because inh those years they played the better football and were more successful!

So who do I want to win the Manchester Derby?

Certainly not United, as in the 1950s, I lived next door to the most obnoxious United supporter, who rammed them down mine and my father’s throats at every opportunity.

I actually think, that both Spurs and Liverpool, would be happy with an extremely hard-fought goal-less draw at Old Trafford tonight!

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  1. Personally – I don’t care who wins, but would prefer the actual match was played at White Hart Lane or Anfield. Because it is horrendous traffic when they are both playing in Manchester – even if they aren’t playing each other. Although I guess my slight preference is Utd – but no reasons for that going on the internet!

    Comment by Liz Parkinson | April 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. The trouble is that a good proportion of Manchester’s football fans don’t live in the City and drive in.

    I live within walking distance of Arsenal, but there is only a slight increase in traffic, as most people go to the ground by public transport. Spurs and West Ham are only about five miles away, but I am not affected.

    On my trips to Manchester, it seems that the City is much more dependent on using cars.

    Perhaps Manchester needs more Park-and-Ride stops on the trams like Nottingham.

    Comment by AnonW | April 25, 2019 | Reply

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