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Metrolink Tram Drivers To Strike After ‘Pitiful’ Pay Offer

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Railnews.

The strikes will be on the 25th and 26th September, which coincide with a Manchester United home match and the Great Manchester Run.

It would appear that Unite’s new boss; Sharon Graham means business. And in Manchester’s case, a drop in business activity for two days.

I wonder how many extra tonnes of carbon dioxide will be emitted in Manchester on each day of the strike, as people swap from the electric trams to their cars.

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What Would Be The Best Result In The Manchester Derby?

Despite supporting Ipswich since our next door neighbour in Felixstowe took me at the end of the Ramsey era, I have affections for two other clubs.

As a child and teenager living in London, I did what my father had done in his youth and regularly went to see Spurs at White Hart Lane.

My father would tell stories about how he was at the Cup Final in 1921 and how before the Great War, his father would take them to the game in a pony and trap. My grandfather would give a kid a shilling to hold the horse’s head during the match.

Then in the 1960s at Liverpool University, I regular went to see both of the Liverpool clubs, although I identified more with Liverpool.

Perhaps because inh those years they played the better football and were more successful!

So who do I want to win the Manchester Derby?

Certainly not United, as in the 1950s, I lived next door to the most obnoxious United supporter, who rammed them down mine and my father’s throats at every opportunity.

I actually think, that both Spurs and Liverpool, would be happy with an extremely hard-fought goal-less draw at Old Trafford tonight!

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Manchester United 3 – Ipswich 0

These pictures document the match.

It was all very disappointing, but then Mick has his priorities of getting out of the Championship.

Old Trafford is not the sort of stadium, I thought it would be. It had a rather tired air and compared to the Emirates or the Amex at Brighton, it was very second-rate.

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Why All The Fuss About David Moyes?

The phone-in on BBC Radio 5 this morning, is about David Moyes and his tenure at Manchester United!

I have been following and watching football for sixty years and I can name probably ten or even twelve very good or great managers, whose successors had problems. Those at the top level, who were followed by one who was equally good are extremely rare and the only one I can name is Bill Shankly at Liverpool.

But it’s not just in football, that the succession is a problem. Look at Kings and Queens, politics, Presidents and prime ministers and business leaders!

The only rule that seems to apply is that the more charismatic the leader, the bigger the problems.

So all those angry Manchester United supporters, should just remember than David Moyes’s problems are par for the course. Especially, when they have the example of Matt Busby.

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The Manchester United Lamp

I’ve just bought a Manchester United Lamp

It looks good in the middle of the table!

Joke courtesy of Fighting Table on Radio 5!

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The Elephant In The Stand

Watching the arguments about the performance of Manchester United this season, gives me a very much a sense of deja vu.

The talk is just the same as it was, when Wilf McGuinness succeeded Matt Busby, except that with social media it is in more places.

When a manager retires, who had a tremendous effect on a club, company or organisation, inevitably the one who follows suffers from the presence of his predecessor. You could argue that Tesco, post-Leahy has similarly suffered.

Moyes will probably go and Manchester United won’t do anything until Sir Alex stops being seen at the club.

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Who Will Be The Next Manchester United Manager?

Just watch the betting!

Years ago, I had a friend, who’s since died, who told me that some heavy punters have a direct line to what goes on at Manchester United.

At the moment David Moyes is well ahead on Betfair.

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Taking Your Anger Out On Wikipedia

Last night as Manchester United threw their match away, I had an eye on the Wikipedia entry for the referee; Cüneyt Çakır.

Aspersions were being cast by the irate and removed by the moderators.

It’s all calmed down now!

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Manchester United Blow It

You can argue, that the referee was wrong, but people do get sent off.

So last night, Manchester United were at fault in not being able to hold on to their lead or at least only ship one goal. Where was the Plan B for what you did if you lost a player?  Surely, they should have done better!

last night, Ipswich had two players sent off at Nottingham Forest and then lost one-nil. Here’s the manager; Mick McCarthy’s quote from the BBC report.

They’re brilliant, they’re a great bunch, they really are fabulous. I was really proud of the way they went about their job.

“We were unlucky not to hold out. It’s a deflection that’s cost us – they didn’t look like they were going to get it any other way.

I know the match wasn’t as important, but it would appear the players did what they had to! And only failed by seven minutes!

In the past, I’ve watched some great games both live and on television, when one side has been reduced to ten men and still won or at least gone down with all guns blazing.

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A Wee Club In The North East

Not my words, but those of Sir Alex Ferguson about Newcastle United as reported on the BBC.

He has a point as what trophies have Newcastle won since Ipswich Town won the old First Division Championship in 1961-62.

One day though, Sir Alex will say something that really gets him into trouble.

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