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Does Boris Need To Be Prime Minister For The Flat And The Money?

According to Camilla long in The Sunday Times, Boris is living n a flat in Camberwell and outside is his 1995 Toyota people carrier, sdorned with a few parking tickets.

It sounds to me, like the lifestyle of a loser, not that of someone, who aspires to lead the country.

Jeremy Hunt is shown on the Internet driving a clean Volkswagen estate, that appears to be a few years old.

So is Boris short of money, as he strives to win the most important election of his life?

There is also the small matter of his divorce from the barrister; Marina Wheeler.

Even if she is not a divorce specialist, then one of her friends will be an expert is making sure the wayward Boris is strewed, glued and tattooed.


Winning the election and the free flat and increased salary would do Boris just fine.

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  1. if you note from this article in the Guardian, Boris earnt at least £700,000 (and only knows what other sources of income he had) in the period leading to that column

    What I would be asking is, how much actual income tax has he paid on this, and no doubt other sources of income, As a future PM, you would expect their financial affairs to be above reproach and his tax affairs to be in order.

    Comment by boypathos | June 23, 2019 | Reply

    • I just paid a few thousand in tax. So has Boris paid his July Tax Bill? There’s two wives and umpteen children to be fed and supported. My late wife would have loved to act for Boris’s wife.She did a few farmers’ wives, who’d sqirrelled away millions and children, and in more than one case she used a High Court Tipstaff! They are some of the most powerful people in the country. Read Wikipedia about them. In one case the tipstaff she used was a small lady of Indian origin!

      Comment by AnonW | June 23, 2019 | Reply

  2. Since I think you were living in London during at least some of the years of Boris’s time as London Mayor, what was your opinion of his achievements. I am not a member for conservative party and hence won’t be voting for Boris or Hunt. But from up here we sort of got the impression he made a good job of being London Mayor.

    Comment by Liz P | June 24, 2019 | Reply

    • He had a good set of circumstances when he was Mayor. He also didn’t make fare oromises to get voted in, as Sadiq Khan did! These have ruined London’s finances, along with the cut in Government grant which was known about at the wlection. Boris was also conned by Joanna Lumley to back the Garden Bridge that no-one wanted. He could be putty in a pretty wiman’s hands!

      Comment by AnonW | June 25, 2019 | Reply

      • Putty in a woman’s hand is a very bad attribute for a PM. Manchester Mayor is Andy Burnham, who I think is Labour, but he is trying very hard, especially at reducing homelessness. Although I gather some homeless people are coming here because of that. 😦 I haven’t been in Piccadilly Gardens for a while because they built a hotel on the car park I have used and the pavements aren’t good for a scooter. So I can’t really comment on the homeless people there – when I was last there, and speaking to them as I always did because they people who deserve kindness, respect and dignity, majority had local accents. AA friends who have been homeless say that the most important thing to them is that people say hello and acknowledge them as people, even those who can’t give money, coffee, sandwiches etc. Because none of them choose to be there; circumstances have put them there, and many were not taking drugs when they became street homeless, it started afterwards as a way to keep warm. Being there every week I got to know some of them. I remember one chap telling me he had been given a tent, and I could see the pleasure in his face; he was one of those who found the hostels difficult because of the theft and sexual abuse which some of the residents carried out on others.

        Comment by nosnikrapzil | June 30, 2019

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