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Will Business Trust Ultra-Marxist Labour?

This is a paragraph from an article in today’s copy of the Times, which is entitled Labour’s Big Call Has BT Hanging By A Wire.

Only two weeks ago Mr Jansen, 52, had dismissed the threat of Labour nationalisation, saying that BT was “not on the list” and taking comfort from comments from John McDonnell over the summer and made personally. Labour’s shadow chancellor had said in an interview in July that there were “no tricks up my sleeve” and that the “limit of our ambition” was taking the power networks, Royal Mail, rail and water companies into state ownership.

It appears John MacDonnell has either changed his mind, or was doing something rather devious.

Will business at any level from the smallest corner shop to the largest FTSE 500 company ever trust what this ultra-Marxist Labour party says?

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  1. You are of course taking the piss.
    Labour under Corbyn and McDonnell are not ultra marxist, in any other country they would just be labelled soft-left or left wing. Politics and nuances of what different political economic leanings means is clearly not your thing. still compared with New Labour’s Centre-right neoliberal (neo-monetarist) economic and political outlook which continued the rot set it in by Thatcher and led to it’s demise under the Coalition before the Tories swung as far to the right as individual politicans wanted, it looks left wing but is not. You will find Centre parties across Europe adopting and making a success of many of Labours policies.

    The press target one aspect of the digital manifesto the more crucial stuff is elsewhere. Read it covers aspects of privacy way beyond GDPR and proper use of Open Source software.

    It deals with training in digital skills and much much more

    Comment by Tim Regester | November 16, 2019 | Reply

    • MacDonnell’s biggest problem is he said one thing to BT and then did another.

      No-one in business will trust him!

      Comment by AnonW | November 16, 2019 | Reply

  2. They are’nt even suggesting nationalising BT, just BT openreach which should be detached completely from BT anyway and run as a not for profit, so McDonnell was telling the truth, you can do what the policy states and not nationalise British Telecom just the supposed arms length BT Openreach.

    Comment by Tim Regester | November 16, 2019 | Reply

    • It should be remembered than BT owns EE!

      EE sell a 4G or 5G box to give fibre optic speeds, where the internet connections are bad.

      Rolling out 5G all over the country and then using boxes like these will be a better way of giving everybody fibre-optic speeds.

      So will Vodafone, O2, Sky, Virgin Media and EE be nationalised too?

      All the broadband and mobile companies are so intertwined with business deals, that you’d have to nationalise the lot. As some have foreign owners, you’d stir up a hornet’s nest, especially if any were Anerican.

      Comment by AnonW | November 16, 2019 | Reply

  3. Did you read the digital manifesto?

    Having met and know engineers from BT Openreach it’s clear they find it difficult to manage their way out of a paper bag. I worked for BT and saw it degenerate from a fairly innefficient publicly owned organisation to a wholly innefficient mess.

    There is no reason BT should have any influence at all on Infrastructure roll out, and other ISPs and Mobile providers should be able to use shared infrastructure instead of duplicating such infrastructure everywhere, Telecommunications infrastructure is a natural monopoly but is now only supplied where it is most profitable.

    How would EE or O2 or Vodaphone justify to their shareholders to put in a 5G Base station in a hamlet of 5 houses and no main road, it would never happen, but if a new Nationalised Telecoms provider put in a fibre optic link then a local 4G or 5G cell could be viable as the expensive work would already be done.

    You have to agree that makes engineering sense and economic sense.

    Comment by Tim Regester | November 16, 2019 | Reply

  4. AnonW seems to have forgotten Johnson’s “**** business”.

    Comment by JohnC | November 17, 2019 | Reply

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