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Mayor Sadiq Khan Plans to Ban London Underground Gambling Ads

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Gambling News.

It’s probably the right thing to do, but as fast food ads have been banned and others are probably to be banned as well, where does the Mayor think he is going to get the money to run Transport for London from?

As he is going to have an enquiry into the legalisation of cannabis, which I am against, as it ruins your immune system, I shall be voting for someone else.

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  1. Trouble is that as London has swung far to the left he will win.

    Comment by MauriceGReed | April 8, 2021 | Reply


    Comment by Brian Armitage | April 8, 2021 | Reply

  3. I think gambling adverts should be banned totally, but that’s not in Khan’s gift.

    And his almost certain re-election could be a very poisoned chalice for him and the Labour party. The next term will have ongoing challenges of
    * TfL finances and likely service cuts (e.g. bus routes and service frequencies generally, being the only significant variable costs, and both more likely to impact Labour voters than other parties). Largely a “forced” situation due to pandemic, but not helped by party politics between central and London government
    * a structurally poor ULEZ extension proposal (an “unforced” situation). I am not against the outcome of the ULEZ, but implementation will be very difficult and unfair on Labour voters. Why?
    = No residents discount means that no-one will be quite sure when they will or will not be charged for a trip in a non-compliant vehicle (rich people can set up autopay and are only charged when they pass a camera; but that needs a payment card and ready funds);
    =high transactional costs of switching to a compliant vehicle (especially for tradespeople who need a works vehicle) and very limited grant aiding (for tradespeople to make a switch)
    =Inclusion (from the start) of 2 wheeled vehicles. Yes many are used for deliveries (and are a significant polluter), but many are not. I think it would be possible to charge one but not the other, even if imperfectly, or create ways to spread the cost burden of changing to a compliant 2 wheel vehicle.

    The timing of ULEZ introduction is also not helpful economically, needs to be deferred at least one more year.

    NB: I get why there isn’t a residents on an overall basis, but could be a zonal discount based on postcodes. It is not even clear if moving your vehicle from a parking bay on one side of the street to the other, or perhaps round the corner/into the next street would technically require payment of the daily charge, a situation that a resident’s discount has avoided in central London for congestion charge.

    Comment by MilesT | April 8, 2021 | Reply

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