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Knightsbridge Station – 21st October 2022

I last visited Knightsbridge station in April, this year, when I wrote Knightsbridge Station – 25th April 2022.

Construction has moved on in the six months since I visited, as these pictures show.


  1. After arrival at the station, I left using the exit at Harrods and then walked back along Brompton Road to Harvey Nicholls.
  2. The entrance for the lift is in an alley. According to this article on Ian Visits, two lifts are needed to get to the platforms.
  3. The ticket hall is under the Burberry store and has three entrances with steps.
  4. One unusual feature of the ticket hall, is that it has a micro-Starbucks. Is this idea going to be repeated?

In Ian’s article, he describes the step-free entrance like this.

By reusing some old tunnels, and a side alley around the corner, they will be making the station step-free for the first time. The station used to have lifts from the street down to a corridor that then linked to the platforms via a short set of stairs, but was taken out of use in the 1930s when escalators were added.

What’s being done is that a new entrance, with ticket barriers, has been created in Hooper’s Court, and there will be two lifts that will take people down to just above platform level where the old corridors are still available. There will then be a second small lift to link the corridor down to the platform level.

It looks like it was rather a tight squeeze to get everything in. But then in Knightsbridge, the space for a single toilet will cost at least a couple of millions.


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EVIA AERO Orders 25 Eviation Alice Aircraft

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Aviation Source.

The Wikipedia entry for the nine passenger Eviation Alice lists these orders.

The EVIA AERO order brings the total to 162.

The larger thirty passenger Heart Aerospace ES-30 is reported in Wikipedia to have 230 orders and a hundred options, with more letters of intent.

Companies, who have proposed to buy the ES-30 include Air Canada and United Airlines.

These are substantial numbers of aircraft and they convince me that one or both of these aircraft will fly fare-paying passengers before the end of the current decade.


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Floating Wind Farms At Sea To Create 29,000 Jobs – Crown Estate

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

These three paragraphs introduce the article.

Plans to generate electricity through floating wind farms off the south Wales coast could create thousands of new jobs, according to the Crown Estate.

The property business owned by the monarch but run independently said the new industry could create about 29,000 jobs, including 10,000 in Wales.

It is leasing the space to generate enough power for four million homes.

Will Wales be the world’s next offshore wind powerhouse?

Wind power experts have said there is a potential for 50 GW of offshore wind power in the Celtic Sea and the BBC article talks of an investment of £43.6 billion by 2050.

The process has started, but will the engineers be able to tame the dragons?

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