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Cummins Is Charging Towards Green

If ten years ago, you’d asked any green activist to name companies, that would be ruined by or fail to adjust to global warming by decarbonising their product line, I’m sure most big diesel engine manufacturers, like Cummins, would have been on their list.

But Cummins have successfully moved on as their latest press releases about their technology show.

These can be summarised as follows.

  • Green Solutions – 4
  • Electrolysers for green hydrogen – 3
  • Decarbonisation of diesel engines – 3
  • Community Support – 2
  • Electric Powertrains – 1
  • Solar Power – 1

According to Google, the Cummins share price has risen thirty percent in the last five years.

They must have done something right!


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  1. Yes have invested broadly, but when you look at the CV of the Cummins CEO and her origins in a fuel cell start-up it’s not exactly unexpected that they’ve got their fingers in PEMC, SOFC and Alkaline Fuel Cells.
    The only other company in the world that seems to have a similar profile and is embracing such a wide range of power generating technologies is China’s Weichai Power.
    It does surprise me that while most engine manufacturers are directly engaging in fuel cells and batteries to some degree Caterpillar, although committed to alternative fuels in their combustion engines, have so far remained aloof from directly investing in such businesses.

    Comment by fammorris | November 1, 2022 | Reply

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