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Ocergy Floaters Selected For 100 MW Project Off Scotland

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These two paragraphs outline Ocergy’s OCG-Wind foundation technology.

The Salamander floating offshore wind project, a joint venture between Simply Blue Group, Ørsted and Subsea 7, has awarded the pre-FEED (front-end engineering design) deal to Ocergy for its OCG-Wind foundation technology.

The US-based Ocergy has developed a novel semisub floater called OCG-Wind, to support turbines larger than 10 MW, designed for the development of large-scale wind farms. It is targeting a levelised cost of energy (LCOE) that can start to drive reductions in floating offshore wind farms to eventually be competitive with fixed offshore wind farms.


  1. There is a picture showing two turbines on OCG-Wind floats.
  2. Salamander is intended to be an INTOG project of 100 MW.
  3. The floaters are expected to be fabricated at Global Energy Group’s Port of Nigg.
  4. ERM’s Dolphyn electrolysis, desalination and hydrogen production concept is also planned for the project.

The Salamander project is certainly going for a lot of innovation.

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BP To Open Offshore Wind Office In Germany, Starts Recruitment Drive

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This is the first paragraph, which adds a bit more information.

Global energy major bp plans to open an office in Hamburg, Germany dedicated to the development of offshore wind projects and is in the process of seeking employees for the new office.

These are other points from the article.

  • The topic of wind power is being promoted particularly in Hamburg.
  • BP said that the company has already achieved a number of milestones in the field of wind energy.
  • In cooperation with EnBW, bp is currently developing several wind farms in the Irish and Scottish Seas.
  • Similar plans already exist for the Netherlands.
  • The energy major would also like to supply charging stations for electric vehicles with green electricity.
  • In Germany, wind and solar energy should account for 80 per cent of electricity generation by 2030, compared to today’s 42 per cent.
  • Offshore wind energy is planned to grow seven times by 2045.

I believe that BP’s project expertise and management, backed by billions of German euros could be a complimentary dream team.

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Offshore And Nearshore Survey Work Complete For 2 GW Scottish Wind Project

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This is the first paragraph.

The developers of the West of Orkney Windfarm have completed its 2022 offshore and nearshore surveys for the project area, located around 25 kilometres off the Sutherland coast in Scotland.


  1. Surveys were on time and on budget.
  2. Consent applications are expected next year.
  3. Both fixed and floating turbines are being considered.

The West of Orkney wind farm has its own web site, with this proud mission statement.

Designed For Delivery, Driven By Scale

The West of Orkney Windfarm has the potential to power more than two million homes and deliver long-term economic benefits to communities across the north of Scotland.

The web site says that the target for first power generation is  2029.

In How Long Does It Take To Build An Offshore Wind Farm?, I said that it typically takes between six and eight years to for consent to commissioning for an offshore wind farm.

So with consent in 2023, commissioning in 2029 could be possible.

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Metocean Measurement Campaign To Start At 1 GW Scottish Floating Wind Farm Site

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This is the introductory paragraph.

Partrac will soon deploy a floating LiDAR Buoy at the site of the Buchan floating wind project offshore Scotland, which is being developed by Floating Energy Allyance (FEA), a consortium comprising BW Ideol, Elicio, and BayWa r.e.

It appears, that the Buchan floating wind farm is the first of the floating Scotwind Leasing round of projects to get going in a meaningful way.

The article details some of the design details of the wind farm.

  • The site is located some 75 kilometres to the northeast of Fraserburgh on the Aberdeenshire coast,
  • The Floating Energy Allyance consortium plans to build a floating offshore wind farm with a capacity of approximately 1 GW, whose wind turbines will be installed on BW Ideol’s Damping Pool floating foundations.
  • This page on the BW Ideol web site describes their Damping Pool technology.
  • The patented square barge-like floats can be used for offshore wind turbines, substations and hydrogen electrolysers.

BW Ideol appear to be a French company with projects in France, Japan, Taiwan and now Scotland.

The home page of the BW Ideol web site opens with a promotional and explanatory video of their technology.


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Cummins Is Charging Towards Green

If ten years ago, you’d asked any green activist to name companies, that would be ruined by or fail to adjust to global warming by decarbonising their product line, I’m sure most big diesel engine manufacturers, like Cummins, would have been on their list.

But Cummins have successfully moved on as their latest press releases about their technology show.

These can be summarised as follows.

  • Green Solutions – 4
  • Electrolysers for green hydrogen – 3
  • Decarbonisation of diesel engines – 3
  • Community Support – 2
  • Electric Powertrains – 1
  • Solar Power – 1

According to Google, the Cummins share price has risen thirty percent in the last five years.

They must have done something right!


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