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Equinor And SSE Eye Green Hydrogen Production For 1.32 GW Dogger Bank D

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This is the sub-heading.

SSE Renewables and Equinor, the developers of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm in the UK, are exploring two options for Dogger Bank D, the fourth wind farm the partners are looking to build as part of the development. These include using Dogger Bank D for electricity that would feed into the UK grid and/or for green hydrogen production.

This says to me, that depending on need, electricity from the Dogger Bank Wind Farms and D in particular, can be distributed in the grid or converted into green hydrogen.

  • The article says that the electrolyser could become the UK’s largest green hydrogen project
  • There will be plenty of hydrogen storage in the salt caverns at Aldbrough, which can currently store the equivalent of 320 GWh of electricity, It is currently being expanded to be one of the largest hydrogen stores in the world according to this page on the SSE web site.
  • There are currently two gas-fired power stations at Keadby and they will in a few years be joined by a third, that will be fitted with carbon-capture and a hydrogen-fueled power station.

The various wind farms, power stations and gas storage on Humberside are growing into a very large zero-carbon power cluster, with an output approaching six GW.

Any shortfall in wind output, could be made-up by using the Keadby 3 gas-fired power station with carbon capture or the Keadby hydrogen power station.


Humberside is getting a cluster of power stations and wind farms, that can produce almost twice the electricity of Hinckley Point C nuclear power station.


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  1. Given the amount of energy being constrained off whenever wind is above 10GW it should be mandatory now to have either batteries or hydrogen electrolysers installed at the grid connections for any new wind farm.

    Note on some days over 30GWh wind has been constrained off to be replaced by gas in most instances at a far far higher price as it gets executed through the balancing mechanism. Yes NG has grid updates coming but they aren’t keeping pace with the amount if wind being added to the system particularly in Scotland. Had more onshore been allowed in the UK which would have been connected at distribution level it would have reduced demand on the NG transmission system to allow more wind to be moved South.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | February 6, 2023 | Reply

  2. I agree with your first sentence.

    The solution, that I like is storage integrated amongst the turbines, as proposed by the STORE consortium.

    Comment by AnonW | February 6, 2023 | Reply

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