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Gresham House Energy Storage Sets GBP80 Million Fundraise

Gresham House Energy Storage Fund must be doing something right, as similar headlines are used in half-a-dozen places on the Internet and they regularly seem to be raising more money.

But then, as a Graduate Control Engineer and a previous owner of half a finance company, I’ve always thought raising money to build batteries was a good idea.

My only niggle with Gresham House, is that I would have thought by now, they would have put some money into building one of the excellent new technology batteries that are coming through.

The storage fund or some of its employees, may of course have contributed to some of the crowdfunding for these new technologies, all of which I feel have a good chance of being a success.


  1. Energy Dome is Italian and all the others are at least fifty percent British.
  2. Most of the British batteries have had backing from the UK government.
  3. All these batteries are environmentally-friendly.
  4. None of these batteries use large quantities of rare and expensive materials.
  5. Energy Dome even uses carbon dioxide as the energy storage medium.

In addition, in Scotland, there is traditional pumped storage hydro-electricity.

Project Iliad

This article on has a slightly different headline of Gresham House To Raise £80m For US Battery Buildout.

This is the first two paragraphs.

Gresham House Energy Storage Fund is seeking to raise £80m through a share placing.

The new equity raised will primarily be used to finance 160MW of solar with co-located four-hour battery projects in California, US, known as Project Iliad.

The article then gives a lot of financial details of Project Iliad and Gresham House.

Will Gresham House be backing co-located solar/battery projects in the UK?

  • In Cleve Hill Solar Park, I write about a co-located solar/battery project in Kent.
  • This press release from National Grid is entitled UK’s First Transmission-Connected Solar Farm Goes Live, which also describes a co-located solar/battery project, being built near Bristol.

These two projects are certainly serious and could be pathfinders for a whole host of co-located solar/battery projects.

WillGresham House back some of this new generation?


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  1. This mob are financial engineers not electrical engineers. They largely buy assets from a sister Gresham group company who do the development work and then sell on at a profit to GRID who keep tapping investors for more cash. Its not a ponzi scheme but the market is becoming saturated with batteries and the ESO doesn’t need huge volumes through spring/summer as wind production is generally lower so no need for high volumes of the frequency response services that the likes of GRID can offer. Of course if CEGB still existed they would build out these assets but it would closer match the demand required.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | May 18, 2023 | Reply

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