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Guns And Alcohol Don’t Mix

If ever there was a story that proves that guns and alcohol don’t mix it is this one of the tragic death of Royal Navy officer; Ian Molyneux.

When my youngest son was doing some training to see if he wanted to join the Guards, he forgot to take his boots. So I drove them down to Pirbright and gave them in at the gate.  The sentry was a bit strange and actually pointed his weapon at me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but he too could have been drinking.  I do know that I was distinctly uneasy at his behaviour and made a rather quick getaway.

The last time, I came across a sentry with a weapon, was when I went over HMS Liverpool. But I didn’t feel any unease at all, as the sentry was female and she handled it impeccably.

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Patrick Barclay On Sheikh Mansour

I picked up the Standard tonight as I often do, and this article by Patrick Barclay caught my eye. Here’s the first paragraph.

When Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City, I suggested that his best route to the top of English football would be to buy and disband Manchester United, acquiring as many of their players as were wanted, then paint Old Trafford blue and use it as a training ground. Fortunately, the Sheikh and his Abu Dhabi associates preferred more constitutional methods.

But something must be done to create a fairer playing field, where rich benefactors can make a farce of fair play. UEFA are trying, but then will Abramovitch and Mansour fall into line? I doubt it!

On the other hand, there are quite a few footballers out there, who contrary to the usual myths are intelligent and have made enough money to go where they please. I think and very much hope that we see a lot more upsets like Swansea at Chelsea in the future.


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The Chuggers Are Getting Desperate

As I came out of Dalston Junction station to get the bus home, I was surprised to see a team of chuggers inside the station.

Whilst waiting for the bus, I didn’t see them accost anybody successfully, so I suspect they weren’t doing very well. But then I suspect many who pass through the station, probably need every penny they can keep.

But then, were the chuggers inside the station as it was so wet outside?

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The Tyranny Of The Cards

I don’t carry any loyalty cards, as I have tried to cut the useless junk out of my wallet.

But every time I buy something in Boots or Sainsburys, they ask me for the loyalty card and I just say that I don’t carry one.

How many seconds a year, do I waste, whilst we discuss my non-existent loyalty cards?

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I’m Keeping Out Of Starbucks

It must be some time since I went into a Starbucks to have some coffee. It could have been after I saw Skyfall. But it was certainly no later than this post, where I mused about the dilemma. That would be eight weeks without a Starbucks coffee.

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Made In Greece

I actually bought something in Boots in Eastfield, that was made in Greece.

It was some T/Gel shampoo.

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No Place For My Friend In The Hague

I went to Eastfield this afternoon to get some bits and pieces. It’s a shopping centre, that my friend from The Hague wouldn’t like.  It may have a John Lewis and a Lakeland, but there is no TK-Maxx.

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A Gentle Joke About The Queen

You don’t hear many repeatable jokes about the Royal Family and especially the Queen.  But this video contains a good one from Daniel Day Lewis at the Golden Globes. He is probably one of the last you’d think would make such a joke, given some of the things he’s said in the past.

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Not So Gay Paris!

This story is the most shared this morning on the BBC’s web site. here’s the first paragraph.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Paris over plans to give gay couples in France the right to marry and adopt children.

France seems to be getting in more and more messes, what with the taxes, jobs and the economy in general. Will they come to regret their incursion into Mali.

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And Now The iPotty!

I didn’t believe it, when I heard this on the radio.

But the iPotty is here.

I think it’s one of those ideas that might work for girls, but boys tend to spray everything in front, after the experience of our three sons. Or in some cases stand up and poo on the floor in front.  I wonder, what that would do to an iPad!

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