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What Do You Call a Pair of Nokia 6310i’s?

Superb! Especially as they both are now working.  Which is more than can be said for my Junkberry.

What Do You Call a Pair of Nokia 6310i’s?

With the Olympics in mind, I think I’ll go for gold at the moment.

Whatever happens, it’s bye-bye Junkberry.

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A Course in Photography

I saw this board outside Jessops in Islington

Phptography Course Anyone?

I wonder if anybody does a course for Junkberries.

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My Junkberry Has Now Packed Up Completely

This morning the Junkberry has now given up completely.

When I went to go shopping, I thought I’d give it a go, but it was as dead as the proverbial dodo.

To make things worse, I just got a nuisance timewasting call from a scammer on my land-line. I gave them an alternative number, who will be really pleased to get the timewasters.


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I Tried to Use A Phone-Box

For the first time in many years, I tried to use a phone box, as my Junkberry had run out of charge, after only a couple of hours of use.

A Phone Box That Didn’t Work

It wasn’t a happy experience, as it cost me fifty pence and I never got a dial tone.

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A Fitting End For A Junkberry

This kid has the right idea about what to do with a Junkberry.

His was an old one, whereas mine is new and unused, as I can’t work out how to use it.

I think I might find a suitable road-roller.

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All The Way To Eastfield for a Loaf and a Moan

This afternoon, as I had nothing better to do, I decided that as I’d failed to get any bread this morning, that a quick trip to Eastfield was in order. Waitrose didn’t have the bread I wanted, but they did have a brown Genius and one of Genius’s excellent fruit loafs.  So I bought both and then went into O2 to moan about my Junkberry. It’s not their fault, as they didn’t come up with the crap design. I think to be fair too, the Junkberry bubble has now burst with the share price heading towards Antartica. I’m afraid I don’t buy products from losers, unless the price is absolutely right.

I’ve already had an e-mail from Tonik, saying that my two old Nokia 630i will be back with me soon.  In fact, knowing couriers as I do, I suspect that they’ll get my phones from Enfield, quicker than O2 could swap my phone.

I can do without a phone in the interim anyway, as no-one outside of a few people and scammers ever phone me these days. And the things I want to do with the phone, like texting where buses are, it can’t do.

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Goodbye to my Junkberry

Despite a lot of help from O2, I’ve decided to chuck my Junkberry.  Not sure what I’ll do yet, as a lot depends what happens to my life. I will keep it for a bit as my son is a fan and someone might nick his.

On the other hand, I might strike up a relationship with a gorgeous redhead, who is an absolute expert at the whys and wherefores of a Junkberry and I could have fun learning how to use it. Some hope!

So today, I did the first thing to get it out of my life.  I sent the two Nokia 6310i, that I own to those clever refurbishment people at Tonik, to get them as-newed! It’ll cost me a few pounds, that I can well afford.

So what do I find wrong with the Junkberry?

1. It’s Incompatible With My Experience

I’ve been programming for nearly fifty years and using a mobile phone for nearly forty.  In fact, I was one of the first people to have a mobile phone in Suffolk. My first problem with the Junkberry, is that it does everything in a different way to my computer and my past experience. It would be like putting me in Moscow and trying to find my way to the Olympic stadium. I actually did the Moscow task incidentally, as I had a map of the city and even in cyrillic some things are understandable. But the Junkberry uses icons, I have no knowledge of. Yesterday, I looked at a Samsung phone, which didn’t break any of the rules of the past.

2. My Left Hand Isn’t Good, But My Right Hand Is Superb

Because my left humerus was broken by a school bully and I’ve had a stroke, my left hand at present is little more than something to hold something with. I do use it whilst typing for the Shift key sometimes, but often, I span the fingers of my right hand and use the thumb on the Shift key and a finger on the other key. I have a feeling, I’ve done this for years and because of that my right hand is extremely agile. It always was very good and I put that down to making Meccano models extensively as a child.

Since, I stopped biting my nails, I’ve also tended to use my mobile phone or an ordinary phone for that matter, by holding it in the palm of my hand and dialling with my thumb, or on a mobile, the thumb nail. On a Junkberry, this means entering numbers is difficult, as it’s either a double keystroke or hold one down and hit another. Try doing the latter with just one hand.

3. I Can’t Send the Bus Text Message With a Junkberry

In London to find out, when the next bus is coming, you just type a five digit code to 87287. I talked about the system here. With my Nokia 6310i, it is a very simple operation, I can do with one hand. With the Junkberry, I’ve not actually been able to do it yet, as the phone tries to be clever and gives me the last of-date message. In other words, it gives me wrong information. That’s all you need at eleven o’clock on a cold, rainy night.

4. I Miss All My Messages and Incoming Phone Calls

Every time I get the phone out, someone has rung it and I’ve missed them.  I have to recover the messages by phoning my phone with a land-line and then accessing the mailbox. Not very useful for a mobile phone.

5. I Can Only Send Phone Calls By Dialing The Number In or Selecting a Previously-Called One

This is because, I’ve not found out how to select a number from the address book.

6. The Address Book Doesn’t Work

My son’s phone number is in the phone in two places; under his name and also as the ICE number.

It always picks him up as the ICE number and ignores his name completely.

Obviously, they don’t have serious emergencies in Canada.

7. It Doesn’t Like Weak Signals

Going up to Liverpool today, it didn’t seem to be getting a good signal on the train.  Certainly, the Nokia 6310i didn’t drop out as much.

8. Appalling Battery Life

By the time I got to Liverpool, the battery was dead and I charged it overnight.  My Nokia 6310i generally lasts at least a week. That is the real problem, in that I expect it to last days from previous experience and it lasts just hours. Imagine buying a new modern car and finding the fuel consumption was much worst than your old one.  Would you be pleased? No! You’d be straight round the dealer to tell him where to put his motor.

At least the guy in O2 let me make an urgent phone call.  But finding helpful O2 shops every hour or so to make a call isn’t always practical.

I’ll leave it now, but I’ll come back to this topic later.

Hopefully my Nokia 631oi will be back in a few days. I’ve just heard, that Tonik has received the phone and hopefully, it will be back next week.

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Not the Best of Days

Yesterday, I went to the football at Ipswich.

Before I left, I checked on TfL’s excellent Countdown system to see how long I’d have to wait for a 21 or 141 bus and it said that there would be three within the next five minutes and then a ten minute wait. I just missed the last of the three and so I thought I’d text the bus stop to find out how long I’d have to wait. But of course, I now had my Blackberry, instead of my Nokia 6310i and I couldn’t send the simple message of just 5 digits. Another reason for chucking the sodding F*ckberry. So no information. The first 141 was obviously in a hurry and drove straight past, despite five of us flagging it down. I then walked to the next stop, where other buses for Liverpool Street also depart. In the end, I caught another 141 and the driver apologised for his colleague.

One of the pleasures of going to Portman Road by train, is that if you pick your trains right, you get a Norwich train, with comfortable Mk. 3 coaches and a real engine to push you all the way. But today, no trains were running to Norwich, so it was one of the old  multiple units, with no tables or arm-rests.

So by the time I got to Ipswich my left arm was really giving me gip, as there was no place to rest it.

Ipswich did win a rather scrappy game by the only goal of the game, which was the highpoint of the day.

But going home was a repeat of the journey down in an old dirty train. I needed to go to the toilet and the conductor apologised before I went. It was one of the dirtiest I’d ever seen on a train.

At least, I got back to Liverpool Street on time and then I walkked through to Moorgate to get a 141 home. Because of Crossrail, the area is in total chaos and I had to walk a long way, as the normal bus stop was closed.

TfL should have thought out how they do the buses in that area better! The chaos will go on for years.

At least I was able to have a decent drink in the Northgate.

The first thing I did when I got home, was to put my Sim-card back into the Nokia 6310i

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Are Blackberries the Cause of the World’s Ills?

I have said that to me, as a very experienced keyboard user, that the Blackberry is a piece of very bad design.

But it is loved by the great and good in politics and business, from Barack Obama downwards.

So if they choose such an obscure device can we trust them to make the proper decisions, that affect us all?

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No Wonder Research in Motion is Doing Badly

Research in Mition, the maker of Blackberry phones is not doing well according to this on the BBC. Unless of course, you consider a $125million loss to be doing well.

But after trying one of their products for free, which O2 were kind enough to give me I can understand why sales are falling.

For a start the keyboard has been designed by someone, who gives the impression he’s never done any substantial typing on a proper computer. Good design always builds on what your customers expect.  As an example, supposing a car manufacturer proved that left-hand-drive cars were safer and then said it wouldn’t make right hand drive ones for the UK.  Would they sell any?

As an example here, I wanted to enter the @ sign, which is above the P. Which in itself, is a pretty strange place to put it! But then with a small keyboard that might have been the only place they have left.

So you’d think that you would use Shift followed by P to enter it! But no, it’s Alt followed by P. If that is logical to someone with forty-plus years experience of a computer and sixty years of typing starting on a sit-up-and-beg Imperial, then I’m a Chinaman. (By the way, is it allowed to use that phrase today from the past. It is only descriptive and I could have used the alternative form of Dutchman!)

If I taken the trouble to check that the keyboard was so strange, I wouldn’t have had one. No wonder they aren’t selling to well.  Perhaps this keyboard means that new users aren’t impressed.  I’m not!

In the day I used it, I never managed to send a text message, although I did receive a few and read them. On my Nokia 6310i, I just hit one button, choose Reply and I’m replying.

Others may like their Blackberries, but it is definitely not for me, so I’ll stick with the Nokia 6310i.

I know that doesn’t take pictures, but I have a little and battered Nikon Coolpix in my pocket to do that and also act as a visual aide-memoire.

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