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The Speed of Lending on Zopa

I have been asked a few times about how long it takes money to be lent out in Zopa. A typical question might be something like “If I invest £1,000, then how long will it take to be lent out to borrowers?”

On Friday, I transferred £1,000 into Zopa and it had all been allocated to borrowers within eighteen hours.  Remember that the system is continuous and on-line, so borrowers can probably turn up at all hoursimaginable. All of these contracts and there are about thirty of them are now being processed and they will appear in my account as Lent Out over the next day or so. If you have ever borrowed money or been credit checked, you will know this is a process that can be variable in time. Also some borrowers will be turned down and the money will be available for allocation to another borrower.

So don’t think your money has disappeared, when it is just very slow getting to Lent Out.

I’ll let you know when my thousand is fully lent.

Update on the 3rd April.

I’ve still got £750 being processed before loans are approved. It looks like only a handfull have actually been so. But then we’ve only had one working day so far.

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Boris Does It First

I wanted to send a message to Boris Johnson’s campaign for the Mayor of London. I actually sent a similar message to other candidates, so don’t imply any favouritism here.

But Boris had a new type of real-person checker or captcha, I’ve not seen before.  Instead of asking to type in two obscured words, which sometimes I find difficult because of my eyesight, it asked me to do a simple sum.

So congratulations to Boris’s web site designer for being the first I’ve seen using it. It may be a lot commoner than I think.  But so-what, it was the first I saw. On one web site, where I was trying to buy something the captcha was so difficult, I went elsewhere.

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The Scheduler Strikes Again

After yesterday’s problems getting to Ipswich, I have vowed that I’ll always travel in a proper train again.

However next Monday, Ipswich play Leicester at home and guess what. It is the usual Newbury Park detour with a coach. So that’s a match I’ll miss unless I want to have a very bad arm after the journey.

On the other hand, they’re putting on another train for Norwich supporters to get to Tottenham.

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Funding Circle Gets More Backing

Funding Circle is one of Zopa‘s peer-to-peer finance rivals, that concentrates on small businesses. An article in today’s Sunday Times has said that they have just raised an extra £10m of finance.

From my point of view, the most interesting thing in the article is this quote from Neil Rimer of Index Ventures.

Even if the banks were to get their acts together overnight and were suddenly to start lending, they would struggle to compete with Funding Circle. The Internet didn’t exist when the banks set up their infrastructure to deal with small buisinesses.

He doesn’t go as far as I do, but I definitely think that those who hold bank shares need their heads examined.

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There’s a Shortage of Viagra in Italy

Apparently, it’s all about a row between pharmacists and the Government. Read the full uncensored story in the Daily Mail here. For a shortened version of the story, Rod Liddle in The Sunday Times has the bare details.

I wonder if I know a retired pharmacist with access to supplies.  We could fly them to Rome and sell them on the street outside Berlusconi’s residence.

Some of the comments by readers in the Mail article give a reasoned insight into the problems.  It would appear that some things we buy for a pound or to in Boots, are several times more expensive in Italy.


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Rod Liddle on George Galloway

Rod always says the things that other people just think and I must vadmit some of my thoughts about George Galloway are banged home with alacrity.

Rod questions, George’s views on things like forced marriage, homosexuality and honour killings.  He also accuses George of being slightly to the right of Hamas.

I have a feeling that come the next election, the sensible citizens of Bradford West will not vote George Galloway as their MP.

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The Solution to Smoking and Obesity

Why not allow towns to have referenda about whether they want to allow smoking and lots of unhealthy food shops?

It would be interesting to see what happened in the towns that voted to allow it after a few years.

Hopefully, they would see sense.

My old GP once exchanged with a doctor in Canada for a year, where there were lots of Native American patients, most of whom were heavy smokers. His statistics and stories about that time, would fill a large book.  But sadly he’s dead now.

He was one of the better GPs, I’ve had in my life.

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First Time on a Bus in Years

Not me, but an old friend of mine, who came to visit last week.

After an hour or so of pleasant conversation and a couple of drinks, he needed to get to Ealing and I wanted to go to the Olympic site to have a look.

So it was a walk to the 141 bus and from there to Bank, where he got the tube to Ealing and I got the DLR.

From the look on his face, I think he quite enjoyed the experience.  He did remark that he was surprised at the comfort.

So buses must be getting better.


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Drug Gangs New Vehicle of Choice

According to The Sunday Times today, it’s the Motability scooter. No tax, no insurance and ideal for tranbsporting drugs.

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Not the Best of Days

Yesterday, I went to the football at Ipswich.

Before I left, I checked on TfL’s excellent Countdown system to see how long I’d have to wait for a 21 or 141 bus and it said that there would be three within the next five minutes and then a ten minute wait. I just missed the last of the three and so I thought I’d text the bus stop to find out how long I’d have to wait. But of course, I now had my Blackberry, instead of my Nokia 6310i and I couldn’t send the simple message of just 5 digits. Another reason for chucking the sodding F*ckberry. So no information. The first 141 was obviously in a hurry and drove straight past, despite five of us flagging it down. I then walked to the next stop, where other buses for Liverpool Street also depart. In the end, I caught another 141 and the driver apologised for his colleague.

One of the pleasures of going to Portman Road by train, is that if you pick your trains right, you get a Norwich train, with comfortable Mk. 3 coaches and a real engine to push you all the way. But today, no trains were running to Norwich, so it was one of the old  multiple units, with no tables or arm-rests.

So by the time I got to Ipswich my left arm was really giving me gip, as there was no place to rest it.

Ipswich did win a rather scrappy game by the only goal of the game, which was the highpoint of the day.

But going home was a repeat of the journey down in an old dirty train. I needed to go to the toilet and the conductor apologised before I went. It was one of the dirtiest I’d ever seen on a train.

At least, I got back to Liverpool Street on time and then I walkked through to Moorgate to get a 141 home. Because of Crossrail, the area is in total chaos and I had to walk a long way, as the normal bus stop was closed.

TfL should have thought out how they do the buses in that area better! The chaos will go on for years.

At least I was able to have a decent drink in the Northgate.

The first thing I did when I got home, was to put my Sim-card back into the Nokia 6310i

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