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A Dog Of A Film

The Times today gave the film Pudsey: The Movie, the score of zero stars. The review included this paragraph.

Given the half-chewed dog’s dinner of a movie that resulted, it seems likely that makers of Pudsey the Dog: The Movie decided to maximise their investment by getting Pudsey to write the screenplay as well

No wonder, it’s being advertised on a high proportion of buses. The busometer is never wrong.

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The Diana Busometer Seems To Be Right

Judging by the dreadful reviews I’ve seen, the prediction made by the large number of bus adverts for the Diana film, seem to be right.

I shall not be going to see it. Wikipedia says this about the reception the film received.

So far the film has received overwhelmingly negative reviews from the British press with an approval rating of just 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. Writing for The Mirror, David Edwards said it was a “cheap and cheerless effort that looks like a Channel 5 mid-week matinee” and awarded the film one star out of five. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian also awarded it one star out of five and called the film “car crash cinema”.

I read the review in The Times, where it was also given one star.

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On A Bus To Oblivion

I was away when Oblivion opened, but it got two stars in The Times and this was the summary of their review.

Tom Cruise stars in Oblivion but that is about all that this derivative sci-fi has to offer

It certainly is appearing on lots of buses, which is always the sign of a dire film.

On A Bus To Oblivion

On A Bus To Oblivion

I suppose that the shape of bus ads makes Tom Cruise look taller.

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The Shard Is Now On The Buses

A lot of the buses in London are now promoting The Shard.

The Shard Is Now On The Buses

The Shard Is Now On The Buses

The picture shows the advert on the side of a 277. I wouldn’t think this is that necessary as for the Leamouth end of the route, if you’re upstairs on the bus, you can actually see the building.

I wonder if advertising the view from a building on the side of a bus, is a bit like advertising a film? With films, they are usually not up to much, so is the view from The Shard, not the best view for the cost.

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America – The Sick

This film is being advertised all over London at the moment.

America - The Sick

America – The Sick

After the latest shootings in Connecticut, who needs a chainsaw?

Anyway the original massacre happened in Wisconsin, not Texas.

But judging by the number of adverts, the film is probably an absolute dud.

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There’s A Lot Of Skyfall About

Skyfall seems to be everywhere and especially on the buses.

Usually, lots of bus adverts indicate that a film isn’t as good as it might be.

I shall go, as I once bought a house from Daniel Craig‘s stepfather.

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Judging By The Number of Adverts, Keith Is A Lemon

The film Keith Lemon is getting a lot of bus adverts.

Judging By The Number of Adverts, Keith Is A Lemon

This generally means only one thing; the film is terrible.

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Top Cat Returns

It would appear that the latest film is a remake of the kids’ cartoon, Top Cat. It’s so old, I used to watch it as a child. Although, they had to call it Boss Cat to avoid conflict with a tinned cat food of the same name.

Top Cat Returns

Judging by the number of buses, they’re advertising  it on, it isn’t going to do very well.

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