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How Will A Plastic Bag Tax Affect This?

I bought a heavy and expensive casserole at John Lewis today.

How Will A Plastic Bag Tax Affect This?

How Will A Plastic Bag Tax Affect This?

To get it home, the assistant skilfully wrapped it in three plastic carrier bags.

The packing worked and I got it home safely on a train and a bus.

Will the plastic bag tax make this sort of use of plastic bags rather frowned on?



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Hopefully We Won’t See This Much Longer

Whilst waiting for a train at Canonbury station today, a Class 70 diesel engine went through with a long train of intermodal freight.

Hopefully We Won't See This Much Longer

Hopefully We Won’t See This Much Longer

They are noisy beasts and hopefully, they will be replaced by more environmentally friendly electric locomotives soon. Note the overhead wires used by most trains on this line.

An order has been placed for Vossloh Eurolite engines, which are effectively electric locomotives, with the ability to work off the electrified network, using an on-board diesel engine. They will be called Class 88, when they are delivered.

There’s more about the Class 88 order here.

The Class 88 increasingly looks like a very good design to solve one of big problems of freight on UK railways; the need to use diesel engines on most trains, as there is not a large enough continuous electrified system.

If we take a simple example of a freight train from Felixstowe to Manchester via London, which at present needs a diesel engine to Ipswich and then an electric one for the rest of the journey, this could be Class 88-hauled all the way.

I think we could see a lot of Class 88s and similar engines in the future.

It won’t just be on freight, as the engine has a top speed of 200 kph, when working passenger trains. Could they be used on difficult services like Euston to Holyhead, where much of the route past Crewe is not electrified?

Surprisingly, the electro-disel concept is not new, as the old Class 73, which dates from the 1960s, was also an electric engine with an onboard diesel, designed for the third rail lines south of London.

Some of the original 49 engines are still in use.

Does this show that you can’t keep a good idea down?

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Crushed Walnuts Everyone?

Around the corner from me is a walnut tree.

Crushed Walnuts Everyone?

Crushed Walnuts Everyone?

It looks like there has been a good crop this year, but most have been crushed or eaten.

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The Fake House Is Coming On

I walked past the new house they’re building round the corner today.

The Fake House Is Coming On

The Fake House Is Coming On

It’s all looking good.

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My New Thermometer and Hygrometer

I like to carry one around with me and I bought this new one from Maplins.

My New Thermometer and Hygrometer

My New Thermometer and Hygrometer

I took it to Wigan on Sunday and it measured the temperature and humidity in the Pendelino as 23°C and 49% respectively.

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Labour Has A Good Idea

Jon Cruddas is reported as saying in several papers, like here in the Mail, that parents will lose benefits if their children don’t have the MMR vaccination.

I’m all for this, as I know a few people, who were born before vaccination was possible, who after measles have developed problems.

It’ll also help to generate a lot of jobs in the PR and legal areas, as the legislation is fought.  So it could be very good for the economy!

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My New Tab Device

I make notes as I go through the day. I also like to keep my latest INR with me. So I’ve now got a new tab device.

My New Tab Device

My New Tab Device

I use a new one every day and they cost under a penny each from Ryman.

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A Rubbish Bag Failure

I had a rare rubbish bag failure this morning.

A Rubbish Bag Failure

A Rubbish Bag Failure

Despite my stroke, I seem to drop things rarely, but this was caused by a carton of chicken stock, that wasn’t fit for purpose.

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The Diana Busometer Seems To Be Right

Judging by the dreadful reviews I’ve seen, the prediction made by the large number of bus adverts for the Diana film, seem to be right.

I shall not be going to see it. Wikipedia says this about the reception the film received.

So far the film has received overwhelmingly negative reviews from the British press with an approval rating of just 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. Writing for The Mirror, David Edwards said it was a “cheap and cheerless effort that looks like a Channel 5 mid-week matinee” and awarded the film one star out of five. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian also awarded it one star out of five and called the film “car crash cinema”.

I read the review in The Times, where it was also given one star.

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A Quote From Stephen Hawking

This quote from Stephen Hawking was in the interview he gave to The Times, which was published on Saturday.

I’m happiest when I discover something new that no one knew before. It gives a thrill nothing can match.

From my own experience, he’s got it spot on!

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