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Surely Taking Your Children To Syria Is Child Abuse?

I’m no lawyer, but I did live with one of East Anglia’s finest children’s barristers for forty years and for at least twenty of those years, C was at the top of her profession.

So to my trained-by-association legal mind, if you take your children to a war zone, like Syria, you’re putting your children in danger and that in my view and probably would in C’s mind, be akin to child abuse and should get the mother, father or guardian into Court.

As well as the case of the three Bradford sisters on their way to Syria and possible oblivion, we also have the case of the attack on the pregnant woman in Peckham.

In the second case someone has been charged and will appear in Court today.

As the Authorities knew something was up with the Bradford sisters, why was nothing done to sort the problem earlier, when they went to Manchester Airport the first time?

When I went out on Eurostar on my way to Kassel, there was a lady about fifty, who was travelling with a young girl of about four. The lady got a minute or so’s questioning from Immigration at St.Pancras. Which was quite right, as C was often in Court trying to get children produced that had been sneaked out of the Jurisdiction. I seem to have read that immigration rules have been tightened to make taking children out of the country, against one parent’s wishes more difficult.

Perhaps, if they were tightened again, it might stop a repeat of the case of the Bradford sisters and their nine children.

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It’s All About Votes!

The phone-in on Radio 5 this morning was about child abuse and the Rotherham scandal in particular.

It was generally informative, but it livened up at the end, when a Muslim of Pakistani orgin from Rotherham denied the facts of the court case, where several men of Pakistani origin were found guilty and jailed.

Then a member of the Labour Party in Rotherham described meetings of the local party, where members tried to ask questions about the scandal, only to be shouted down.He then finished by saying how certain Asian councillors deliver several thousand votes and make sure Labour win.

Politicians of all parties have courted minorities and interest groups, as long as elections have been contested. But in this case, a group’s baggage has been discounted in favour of votes and power.

This must not be allowed to happen.

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How Did The Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal Get So Big?

I suspect nearly everybody feels like I do, about the size of the  child abuse scandal that has been revealed in the report by Professor Alexis Jay. This BBC article fully reports on the scandal.

C was always sweeping up the mess from child abuse, but she never dealt with anything on this scale. However, she would have her views on what needed to be done and like me would be questioning, why the abuse was allowed to get so large and carried on for so long, when it appears it had been reported to the authorities.

The BBC report publishes this.

The report found: “Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

If a particular group of men are thought to be responsible, surely they should be restricted in their movements. Or perhaps they should only be allowed on the street, if accompanied by a responsible female.

We’d probably get called racist, but somehow we must stop child abuse on what is an industrial scale.

I also feel that a lot of social workers, council employees and police should be given the sack.

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Call For Elizabeth

Barristers aren’t supposed to have favourite judges, but if C had one, it would have probably been Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. C first met her at a dinner around the time the judge was chairing the Cleveland Child Abuse Enquiry and I can remember her coming home and saying she had rarely met such an impressive person. I think later C went on to appear before her several times. I can remember C saying in 2006, that it was the right appointment for Dame Elizabeth to be appointed to do the inquest into the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

So now at the age of nearly 81, she has been appointed chairman of the forthcoming large-scale inquiry into cases of child sex abuse in previous decades.

C would have approved!

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An Abuse Alert System For Hospitals

This system, which is reported on today is to be welcomed.

But why is it just to flag up child abuse?

I remember a notorious case in North Essex in the 1980s, where the wife was always being beaten up by her husband. He used to take her to different A & E units, to minimise the chance of the truth being discovered.

In the end, she was found murdered.

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The Dead Can’t Enter A Plea Of Not Guilty

The media has already found Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith guilty, but under British law and in fact in a lot of countries, defendants are not guilty until proven to be guilty. Daniel Finkelstein had a long and measured opinion about this in The Times yesterday. He finishes with a plea that everybody has a fair trial and as he says, not being taken to court in their coffin.

But we all tend to be hard on the dead and their perceived crimes.

In a post yesterday, I was being very hard on the man, who decided to electrify the trains south from London using a third rail. I know design faults are not as serious as child abuse, but I’m not alone in condemning the dead.

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The Telegraph Has A Go At A UKIP Candidate

Winston McKenzie, a UKIP candidate in the Croydon North by-election is reported to have said, that adoption by same sex couples is child abuse. The report is not in a gay publication, but here in Her Majesty’s Daily Telegraph.

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Gangs And Young Girls

I was born in 1947, and at my primary school in North London, there were girls who hung around with Teddy Boys. Just look at John Borman’s film, Hope and Glory, which is a true reflection of children’s behaviour during the Second World War.

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Sue The Twits

It is reported on the front page of The Times, that Lord McAlpine is going to sue those who might have defamed him on Twitter. It’s also here in the Telegraph.

If I were him, I’d find the most well-known twit on the list with lots of money and sue just them. It wouldn’t cost me a fortune, but the returns could be high.

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Simon Jenkins In The Guardian On Jimmy Savile

I don’t seem to be the only person, who thinks that the reaction to Jimmy Savile and his undoubted crimes is a bit over the top. Read this by Simon Jenkins in that sensationalist tabloid, the Guardian. Here’s the last paragraph.

We now have a new form of accountability, to an “inquiriat”, a cackle of inquisitors and lawyers jumping to the bidding of public opinion, flapping round every executive’s head and piling accusation on every error. This can only lead to ever more defensive behaviour in every sphere of public life. It is the paranoia of the modern state. Every document is “open”, every conversation “on the record” and your friend today is tomorrow the witness against you.

Very soon, no-one will do anything because of fear!

In some ways the forces that protected Jimmy Savile are not unlike those that protected the abusers in some of the worst child and other abuse cases of recent years.

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