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The Fake House Is Coming On

I walked past the new house they’re building round the corner today.

The Fake House Is Coming On

The Fake House Is Coming On

It’s all looking good.

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The Windows Are In

I passed the new wooden frame house yesterday and took this picture.

The Windows Are In

The Windows Are In

All seems to be going well and the house is attracting a lot of curious looks from passers-by.

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How To Build A Fake House

They were putting this up as I walked past this morning.

I went back last night to take a few more pictures and spoke to the contractor.  He told me, it will look like the surrounding houses when it’s finished and that Hackney Council were very co-operative.

We don’t have too many eye-sores around here, but I’ve seen places in London and other cities, where a house in say a terrace is well past its renovate-by-date and surely this technique might be a much more affordable way to create a new house.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it’s finished.

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