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From Poplar To Canary Wharf

I walked from Poplar Station to Canary Wharf, taking pictures of the Docklands Light Railway and the building of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.

It’s going to be an architectural masterpiece when it’s finished.  Or I certainly hope so!

One of the great things about using the Docklands Light Railway is that on a hot day like yesterday, it is a great way to explore the Eastern parts of London. Most of the stations have lifts and give good views of what is going on. The area is steeped in history and some great architecture from the old to the very modern.

The ticketing system is effectively, hop-on and hop-off, so you just use your Oyster once or buy a paper ticket and you’re away.

Someone needs to write a proper tourist guide to the Docklands Light Railway.

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London 2018

I saw this sticker at the ViewTube.

London 2018

London 2018

London 2018 refers to the city’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018.

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And Now I Get Golf Spam!

With nothing to watch or listen to for most of tomorrow, as the sodding golf will be hogging the airwaves, what have I just received?

Several spam messages trying to sell me golf clubs!

To add to the many things that annoy me about golf, another thing has just suggested itself.  I don’t think I know of a golf course, that I could get to easily by public transport.

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To The View Tube For Lunch With Culture

After Pudding Mill Lane it was just a short walk to the top of the Northern Outfall Sewer and the ViewTube.

I went primarily to have a look at the photo exhibition there called What The Gamesmakers Did Next.

What The Gamesmakers Did Next

It was worth seeing and afterwards I decided to have a coffee or a soft drink. In the end, I had this delicious scrambled egg, smoked salmon and salad with some gluten-free bread.

A Delicious Lunch At The ViewTube

A Delicious Lunch At The ViewTube

It was well worth the trip to this end of the Olympic Park.

My only complaint is that the fact that they can handle gluten-free food is not on this sign.

Delicious Things This Way

Delicious Things This Way

But that’s minor and only affects me!

I also find it sad, that there is no notices up, which say you are standing on top of Joseph Bazellete’s great creation that still moves North London’s sewage to Beckton. But then the only smell at this time of year is that of the wild flowers. We should be proud of our engineering heritage!

If you feel you need a walk, this is also a good point to start a walk, across the Olympic Park towards Hackney Wick and Victoria Park.

I also heard on my visit to the View Tube, that when the Olympic Park is fully developed, it will be linked by a pathway to the park.

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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 17th July 2013

From Stratford I moved on to the area around Pudding Mill Lane station to see progress on both the new station and Crossrail.

The pictures show that things are moving on quite well.


1. According to this entry in Wikipedia, the new station should be finished in 2013.

2. The current station will have to be demolished to allow work to proceed on Crossrail.

3. There is no sign of the tunnelling machines at Pudding Mill Lane, which will drive from there to Stepney Green.

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Wandering Around Stratford

This morning I went to Stratford and had a look round to see if anything was open yet at the Olympic Park!

There was a lot of activity, but opening is a few days off yet!

i didn’t find any new restaurants that can do gluten-free, although I did find a Holiday Inn, which would be in an ideal place to stay, if you got a good deal.

The bridge mentioned in the captions to the pictures is the one that links Stratford station to Eastfield and the Olympic Park.

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De Beauvoir Town’s Cycle Superhighway

De Beauvoir Town is flat and good cycling terrain. I took these pictures this morning in Lawford Road.

I must get back on my bike, as it’s an easy way to get around and we have a couple of roads like this with little vehicular traffic, as they are blocked by iron posts, which are just visible in some of the pictures.

In some ways because the roads are wide and parked cars aren’t a problem, they can use this approach of putting the cyclists down the middle of the road.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if all of London had been built with wide streets like this part of Hackney.

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How To Build A Fake House

They were putting this up as I walked past this morning.

I went back last night to take a few more pictures and spoke to the contractor.  He told me, it will look like the surrounding houses when it’s finished and that Hackney Council were very co-operative.

We don’t have too many eye-sores around here, but I’ve seen places in London and other cities, where a house in say a terrace is well past its renovate-by-date and surely this technique might be a much more affordable way to create a new house.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it’s finished.

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Liverpool University’s New London Campus

after a false start a few doors away, Liverpool University seem to have at last got a building for their campus in London.  It’s reported here.

My only complaint, is that I think it’s in posh Islington, rather than practical and common-sense Hackney. At least though it’s only a short walk from the 141 bus stop, I can get close to my house. For those visitors from Liverpool, it’s just a 205 bus from Euston to Epworth Street.

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Did They Build This Hideous Church To Match The Underground Ventilation Shaft?

This church just has to be seen to realise how awful it is.

Perhaps they built it to match the ventilation shaft for Warwick Avenue station?

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