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A Statue Of A Lady In Stilettos

I’ve noticed the statue called The Meeting Place by Paul Day in St. Pancras station many times.

But I think it must be the only statue I know, where a lady is wearing stiletto-heeled shoes.

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Allez Les Bleus

I went to Trafalgar Square to see the new installation on the Fourth Plinth.

I was not impressed and I think it’s one of the post pointless pieces of art, I’ve seen since Carl Andre’s bricks or Equivalent VIII.

One point, is that my late wife would have hated it, as she hated live chickens with a passion. She felt they were OK though when they were dead and cooked on a plate.

It’s a bit crass to put a symbol of France in a square to commemorate one of Britain’s bigger victories over France.  At least the England France rugby international in 2014 is taking place in Paris and hopefully this silly object will be gone by the time of the 2015 encounter.

One thing I did notice and that is there is only one clock in Trafalgar Square and that is on St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

Perhaps we need a properly designed clock on the Fourth Plinth!

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Is This The Way To Develop Railways?

It has been announced today that the government has fully approved the Croxley Rail Link.  This report on the BBC gives full details. Here’s their summary.

An extension to the London Underground’s Metropolitan Line to serve the centre of Watford has been given the final go-ahead.

The government gave the £118m Croxley Rail Link the all-clear through the Transport and Works Act Order.

The line will be extended to Watford Junction via Watford High Street and two new stations will open, including one near the town’s football ground.

This seems to be a scheme that has a lot of merits.

Personally, it will mean that when I go to see Ipswich play football in Watford, I will avoid the long walk across the town. I think that because of this ease of access, Watford FC will be one of the bigger beneficiaries, as ease-of-access always brings in more visitors to any venue.

This fairly small scheme will have all sorts of benefits.  This paragraph is lifted from Wikipedia.

When the Croxley Rail Link is built, direct services into Watford Junction from Amersham would also be possible, thus linking the commercial centre of Watford to the new developments in Aylesbury, as well as providing the Chilterns with transport connections, via the Junction, to the North and other destinations.

I’ve always thought that Watford should be more of an interchange when going north to take the pressure off Euston.

i think we can honestly say that the £118 million that this development will cost, will return an awful lot more in benefits.

But then we’ve got a bit more clever with some of the schemes we’ve started recently.

The Hitchin flyover will take a few minutes off the times for trains on the East Coast Main Line for £47 million. It will be fully open in a few weeks.

Improvements to the Felixstowe branch line and its junction with the main line north of Ipswich, aren’t the biggest of developments, but they will take significant numbers of trucks off the road.

If you go to the Network Rail web site, you’ll find lots of these smaller projects.

I think we should complete all of these before we decide on the detailed route of HS2.

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An Excellent Brand Name

I was walking up the Narrow Way in Hackney and this coffee van was parked by St. Augustine’s  Tower.

An Excellent Brand Name

An Excellent Brand Name

I hope the coffee is as good as the name.

There surely is scope for CoffeeE17 etc.

Incidentally, the tower has a working 16th century clock. There can’t be many that are older.

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The Windows Are In

I passed the new wooden frame house yesterday and took this picture.

The Windows Are In

The Windows Are In

All seems to be going well and the house is attracting a lot of curious looks from passers-by.

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My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

This is my last bottle of Lammsbräu.

My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

The supplier is still awaiting deliveries of this excellent gluten-free beer from Germany.

I ordered something else from the supplier; Beers of Europe, on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday.  So at least the local loop is efficient!

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Archbishop In Cloud Cuckoo Land

This story about how Justin Welby aims to compete Wonga out of business, is on the BBC today. Here’s the jist.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the online lender Wonga that the Church of England plans to force it out of business – by competing against it.

He may have laudible aims, but like the poor, loan sharks, where legal or not, will always be with us.

What the people who use Wonga need is money and if everybody supported credit unions, that wouldn’t give any money directly to those who need it.

Credit unions, like all responsible lenders, don’t lend money to those who would be unable or unwilling to pay it back.

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