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The Joy Of Freedom

I set out my views on masks in the title of Should We Be Given More Discretion Over Mask Wearing?.

Today was the first Friday under the relaxed rules on masks, when I have done my pre-weekend Friday morning routine.

  • Take a bus and a Northern Line train or a direct bus to Moorgate.
  • Have a Full English breakfast in Leon.
  • Visit Marks & Spencer on Moorgate and get my weekend food.

These are my comments on today’s trip.

  • I rode the bus to Angel without a mask and had a pleasant chat with a lady of my age about Putin.
  • We felt that the Brutus solution for Vlad the Poisoner would be best!
  • On the train between Angel and Moorgate stations, I was the only passenger not wearing a mask.
  • It was easy to walk up the steps at Moorgate station.
  • Leon was busy, with about half of customers and all staff wearing masks.
  • Marks was about half full and it was nice to be able to shop wearing my glasses, which don’t fit my mask.
  • I should say, that I need my glasses to read sell-by dates.
  • There were no naked faces on the bus home.

It was such a joy for me, to be able to travel and do my shopping without a mask.

But then at no time, was I in a crowd, which might have made me reach for my mask.


I doubt at no time, I’ll go back to full-time mask wearing.

Incidentally, I used to have a racehorse called Joy of Freedom.

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Mary Whitehouse Would Have Been Pleased

According to this story, Russian media and the arts will become a swearword free zone.

Putin really is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube and go back to a state where thoughts and dissent in any form is illegal.

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The Troubled Adam Lanza

It would appear from reports like this, that Adam Lamza was a very troubled kid.

It all goes to prove my feeling that as guns are so dangerous, they should always be under lock from two separate responsible people. I know this was originally proposed by the NFU to stop suicide amongst farmers, but it would help to stop the number of people killed in a country, where people habitually owned guns. 

It would never be implemented in the United States, as the idiots of the NRA and many others, would consider it a major assault on freedom.

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Caitlin Moran on Slutwalk

I’m not sure about SlutWalk, but Caitlin Moran in The Times today has a thoughtful piece that should be read by everyone.

She says that it is movement that has captured the anger in young women across the world.

I would agree, but it’s not just young women that are angry.  Look at the protests in Spain by young men and women about the lack of jobs and as Caitlin points out, the protests across the Arab world and especially Tunisia.

And pensioners and others are angry at how their savings have been ruined by the bankers!

We will see more protests in the current months, unless governments take radical decisions to improve the lot of everyone.

To return to SlutWalk, I’ve always felt that anybody is entitled to wear what they want and not what someone tells them to. As an example I’m not struck on facial piercings, as they give me the creeps, but if someone wants them, then that is their affair!

Obviously what people wear should not be illegal or offensive.

So a T-shirt praising nuclear power or the building of waste incinerators would be acceptable, but one praising the works of Adolf Hitler would not be.

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