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The Crossrail Portal At Pudding Mill Lane Station

These pictures show the Crossral portal at Pudding Mill Lane station, as it is approached on a DLR train from Stratford station.

The portal does appear to be rather functional.

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Crossrail’s Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 29th October 2018

Crossrail’s Pudding Mill Lane portal now appears to be substantially complete.

These pictures were taken from the Stratford-bound platform of Pudding Mill Lane DLR station and a train that had just left the station for Stratford.

It is an impressive structure.

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The Crossrail Portal At Pudding Mill Lane

You can get a good view of the portal, where Crossrail trains from and to the East enter and leave the tunnel under London, from Pudding Mill Lane station and the DLR line that passes through it.

I think in years to come, this will be the station, where parents take their children to see the Crossrail trains.

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Crossrail Works Around Pudding Mill Lane Station

I took these pictures as I went through the area on a TfL Rail train to Shenfield and then later, when I took a DLR train!

The Crossrail tunnel portal is now recognisable as two holes leading into the ground.

They appear to be building something over the top of the tunnel just before it goes under the water and on into London. Could this be a ventilation shaft?

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Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 17th July 2015

I went to Pudding Mill Lane station to photograph the progress on the creation  of the Crossrail tunnel portal.

The ramp which the trains will use to enter the tunnel surprised me by how steep it was.

I don’t know whether it was done deliberately, but the Eastbound platform at Pudding Mill Lane station is going to make a superb viewing platform, where parents and grandparents will take children to see the trains.

I can also see Tourist Guides for London saying that this will be the way to go to an event at the Olympic stadium or even just to view it.

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Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 17th April 2015

Crossrail’s Stratford Portal is where the surface section of the line to Shenfield enters the tunnel to go to Whitechapel and all the stations to the west. This is a Google Earth image of the works at the tunnel portal.

Crossrail's Stratford Portal

Crossrail’s Stratford Portal

A ramp is being built to and from the Great Eastern Main Line to connect the Crossrail tracks to those of the main line. This picture shows how Pudding Mill Lane station will look, when everything is complete.

Pudding Mill Lane Station

Pudding Mill Lane Station

The Crossrail tracks are shown in yellow and the DLR ones in blue.

These pictures of the area were taken from Pudding Mill Lane station or a DLR train.

The station is certainly a good place to go to see the works going on here.

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Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 29th January 2012

These pictures taken on Friday, show that it’s progressing compared to the last time I visited.

The pictures were actually taken through the door window of  a DLR train. as it left Pudding Mill Lane station in the direction of Bow Church station.

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Crossrail and Pudding Mill Lane

Crossrail is also getting in on the act, just to the south-west of the Olympic site.  It will emerge by the Pudding Mill Lane station on the DLR. These are some pictures I took yesterday.

Unfortunately, the angles from the station doesn’t allow any decent pictures of the construction of the Crossrail portal to be taken.

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