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Good Riddance To Coal-Fired Power Stations

This article on the BBC is entitled UK’s coal plants to be phased out within 10 years. This is said.

The UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025 with their use restricted by 2023, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has proposed.

Ms Rudd wants more gas-fired stations to be built since relying on “polluting” coal is “perverse”.

Because coal is pure carbon, when it burns, if produces carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, natural gas, is a mixture of hydrogen and methane, which is a compound of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atons.  So when it burns, it produces a lot of the combustion product of hydrogen, which is water.

I think to get the same amount of heat or produce a given amount of electricity, natural gas creates about half the amount of carbon dioxide, than coal does.

There is another advantage of using gas to generate electricity. You can have small power stations generating electricity, where it is needed.

An interesting small gas-powered power station is the Bunhill Energy Centre in Islington, which is used to generate electricity and heat for some of the Council’s buildings. Phase 2 of this project will capture waste heat from the London Underground and a large electricity sub-station, that will be used to heat more buildings.

These cogeneration systems will become more numerous. For instance, if you had say a large detached house in the country, you might use solar panels or a wind turbine, backed by a microCHP system for dark or still days.

We shouldn’t underestimate, the skill of engineers to design electricity combined heat and power systems matched to all the different markets.

There will come a time, where many of us will generate the electricity we need, either by ourselves or perhaps in a local co-operative. We could even sell the surplus back to the grid.

I will not predict what a system will look like, but it will heat your house and provide you with the electricity you need.

The one thing, I will predict that coal will not have any use for the generation of electricity.

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A Video About The Vivarail D-Train

I am sceptical about the Vivarail D-Train, but I do admire companies and organisations that think out of the box.

That is why I’m putting this link to a BBC video about the project.

In the UK, we are in such a great need of new trains, that any idea that works will probably have a niche somewhere. However small!

Of whom does the male BBC presenter remind you?

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Crossrail Works Around Pudding Mill Lane Station

I took these pictures as I went through the area on a TfL Rail train to Shenfield and then later, when I took a DLR train!

The Crossrail tunnel portal is now recognisable as two holes leading into the ground.

They appear to be building something over the top of the tunnel just before it goes under the water and on into London. Could this be a ventilation shaft?

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East Anglia Has Train Problems

One of my Google Alerts found this article from the Ipswich Star, which is entitled Bus replaces rail services between Ipswich and Felixstowe and Marks Tey and Sudbury.

It turns out that the track is damaging the train wheels.

Sounds like it’s the age-old problem of giving crap trains and not maintaining the track in East Anglia.

I can remember Ipswich to Felixstowe trains from the 1960s, when I thought they were truly dreadful.

It seems nothing changes!

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My Useless John Lewis Credit Card Statement

I recently bought a winter coat in Marks and Spencer. The zip has gone, so I want to find the store, where I bought it, as I use several of the large ones in London regularly. I probably bought it with my John Lewis credit card, so all I need to find is a transaction at over a £100 for Marks and Spencer to get a date and store.

But I can only get the last statement as a spreadsheet, which just gives dates, values and not the store. It’s not even formatted to the sort of level, that a child of six could program.

Quite frankly it’s utter crap!

Unlike with Amex, which gives you everything you need to trace purchases, in an easy-to-read clickable format.

Do John Lewis expect me to keep paper copies of all my purchases?

Paper is so Nineteenth Century!

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