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Tube Strikes: Passengers Warned Of Widespread Disruption

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I can see a scenario, where the Tories put something in their next General Election manifesto to bring a little bit of sense to the RMT and there is a total National rail strike during the election.

It would be Starmer’s worst nightmare!

As it is this morning, I’ll probably have difficulty getting to Moorgate for my gluten-free full English breakfast and do my food shopping for the weekend in Marks and Spencer.

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RMT Head Office Closed Due To Strike Action

The title of this post, is the same as this article on ITV.

Looks like a case of the biter bit!

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RMT Calls New Strike Ballot On ScotRail

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on RailNews.

This is the first paragraph.

The RMT has served notice of an industrial action ballot on ScotRail as the latest development in its long-running pay dispute. The union said that the schedule for the ballot would permit action to take place during COP26 if, as expected, its members voted yes. Over two thousand RMT members will be polled. A few days earlier nine out of 10 ScotRail ticket examiners had confirmed their backing for continued strikes. The law required another vote, because industrial action began six months ago.

Does the date of the strike, illustrate the RMT’s views on climate change and COP26.

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RMT Threatens Strikes Over ‘Guardian Angels’ Plan

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail News.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The RMT has warned of possible industrial action in protest at a government plan for unpaid volunteers to help guide railway passengers and prevent overcrowding at stations.

They don’t seem to be in favour.

This was a statement from the Department of Transport.

These volunteers will play a crucial supporting role in keeping people moving by easing crowding and providing advice to help maintain social distancing, protecting passengers and tackling the spread of the virus.

‘We are clear these volunteers will not be performing any tasks or roles that vital frontline staff are trained to carry out, and they will be deployed at key stations in the short term when the easing of lockdown restrictions could see the increased use of public transport.

It puzzles me, why the RMT didn’t strike during the Olympics, as we had all those charming volunteers, helping visitors with their needs.

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Chris Grayling On The RMT

This article on Rail Technology Magazine is entitled I’m A Lightning Rod’: Grayling Dismisses Criticism From Rail Unions And ‘Anti-Brexit Brigade’

This is Grayling’s view of the RMT.

“This is a trade union that regards Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as too right-wing to affiliate to and wants to stand in the way of modernisation of the railways.

It is one of the better political put-downs.

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Driver Only Train Operation In Yorkshire

One of my readers has just sent me this story from the Yorkshire Post, which is entitled Commuter chaos in Yorkshire after train driver leaves conductor behind.

No-one seems to have been hurt in this demonstration of Driver Only Operation, so perhaps as a matter of honour, the RMT should look at more efficient ways of train operation.


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Does The RMT Care About Passengers?

I travel on trains a lot and I’ve never had anything but courtesy and fair treatment from railway staff in the UK. I’ve even had one or two, break the rules in my favour, when perhaps I’ve made a mistake. One actually said, that it was his company’s policy to put customers first, when the rule breaking was minor.

But today, there is a story on the BBC about the RMT protesting about the possible closure of the Underground ticket office at Whitechapel.  Here’s the opening paragraph.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) are protesting at Whitechapel Tube station against the possible closure of ticket offices.

Now I’ve just returned from Palermo to London by train and I only used a ticket office once.  And that was in Geneva, where I couldn’t find a machine to sell me a ticket for Paris!

i’ve only used a ticket office, once in the last three years on the Underground and that was to get a free ticket wallet.

If we’re honest, I think it is true to say that ticket offices are virtually redundant, but station staff definitely aren’t. Stand by the barrier or on the platform on any Underground station and you’ll be surprised at how many people ask questions or request help as they pass along.

Bob Crow is reported as saying this.

The threat to the ticket office at Whitechapel is a line in the sand as far as RMT is concerned and we will fight this plan tooth and nail.

I don’t think many of those on the overcrowded Dalston Omnibus on a day, when the RMT call a strike, will agree.

The RMT has also got into the stupid row about a possible third class of travel on trains. The story is reported here in the Daily Mail, who are very negative. This is in the article.

Bob Crow, left wing leader of the RMT transport union said: ‘Now we know, the door is open for the train operators to introduce third passenger class as and when it suits them.

Incidentally, I travel third class regularly on trains. It’s called Premium Economy and very good it is too, on Eurostar.

You could also argue, that First Class at the weekend, is much more of a Premium Economy class, than a true First, on many trains.

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