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Sarah Palin ‘believed Queen was in charge of British forces in Iraq’

Another article from the Daily Telegraph.

I think if the Queen had been in charge, we wouldn’t have had a war in Iraq.

Sarah Palin always strikes me that if she had had a word fight with any of the great wordsmiths, she’d have been metaphorically hung, drawn and quartered.

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The Times Saturday Magazine.

I usually read this from cover-to-cover as I take the train to the football, like I did on last Saturday.

It had two particularly good articles, that I will highlight here.

Melanie Reid was on her usual top form and was particularly annoyed that her story had been hijacked by the Christian Right. I prefer to call them the Christian Wrong, as when it comes to moral philosophy, any that calls itself right, is probably not open to criticism from a scientific-correctness point-of-view.  If Jesus did exist, and in my view if he did, he was just one of a number of good moral philosophers that are always around, then he wouldn’t be on the right like Sarah Palin and the Mad Hatters.

Carol Midgley was ranting about airport duty-free shopping.  She was absolutely right and it should be banned. Many duty-free purchases are carried half-way round the world and how much carbon dioxide does this add to the atmosphere? You also have the madness that say Scotch Whisky is air-freighted to places like Hong Kong for sale in duty-free shops there and then bought by Scots and other UK residents for the flight back.

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US Troops Turn to a Tricycle

The third leader of The Times today is unusual in that it tells the story of how the Pentagon has commissioned two command performances of The Great Game, by North London’s Tricycle Theatre. Here’s an extract.

The idea of staging The Tricycle Theatre’s production in Washington is so that generals, and soldiers heading to Afghanistan, might come away thinking what General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, thought after seeing the show in London; that “if I’d seen the plays before being deployed to Afghanistan for the first time in 2005 it would have made me a much better commander”.

Let’s hope we see more education of those who go to war, as we always tend to forget the lessons of history.  I would also hope that they also read the thoughts of Aircraftsman Shaw.

I’d love to hear Sarah Palin’s thoughts on US forces being educated by Britain’s leading political playhouse.

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The Shootings in Arizona

The United States is the sick nation of the world, when it should set standards that everyone should look up to. We all looked on in horror, as Salman Taseer was murdered in Pakistan and now there is an almost more horrific shooting in Arizona. You have to be really sick to shoot a nine-year-old girl.

Like Pakistan, the United States needs to accept a new set of morals.

Guns should be controlled for a start and cruel punishments like the death penalty should be abolished, as this has no place in a civilised society.

So what do we have instead? Just Sarah Palin and her ilk pouring petrol on the fire. Mark Mardell of the BBC has some well-reasoned thoughts here.

Let’s hope the horror of it all, brings the United States to its senses.  But I doubt it will! Especially after the idiocy of Dubya and the dissappointment of Obama.

But violence is just one of America’s problems.  It has an unsustainable budget deficit, a virtual drugs war overspilling from Mexico, an enormous energy deficit, that it is trying to solve in the wrong way, without counting the problems of Iran, Korea and Afghanistan.

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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Well!  Perhaps I should say Bomb.

The government has now raised the security threat from substantial to severe.

Without wishing to be too flippant, can this be anything to do with the fact that we will have to have an election in the next few months.  Obviously, terrorism and the fear of it, can be considered to be a vote winner for the incumbent.

But we are fighting these criminals in totally the wrong way.

At least though, some are using humour.

Chris Morris has made a jihadist comedy called Four Lions.  It is premiered today at the Sundance Film Festival.  I hope it succeeds.  Note there is a clip on the first link.

And then there is Jihad, The Musical.

We need more of this satire.  But not just against so-called Muslim criminals, but anybody else who really has a warped sense of what the world should be like.  How about The Graduate II featuring another Mrs. Robinson? Or Don’t Make a Monkey out of Me with Sarah Palin?

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