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This Story Beggars Belief

The man who ordered this book-burning in Afghanistan has a functioning brain as poor as that of Dominique Strauss-Khan. Surely, he should have known that to burn anything slightly sensitive would have caused a riot.  And of course it did!

Today, the day after the Times has leader entitled, Flaming Idiocy, on the subject.

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Doesn’t DSK Ever Learn?

There are reports everywhere to say that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been detained by French police investigating a prostitution ring.

As he supposedly had sex with several of the women, what else could he have thought? Perhaps, that  they just felt sorry for him? Or they were giving him a free sex-education lesson?

Imagine if the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition had been involved in a similar enquiry! But it wouldn’t happen here would it? Not now maybe, but similar things have happened in the past.

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Sarah Palin ‘believed Queen was in charge of British forces in Iraq’

Another article from the Daily Telegraph.

I think if the Queen had been in charge, we wouldn’t have had a war in Iraq.

Sarah Palin always strikes me that if she had had a word fight with any of the great wordsmiths, she’d have been metaphorically hung, drawn and quartered.

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Zara Phillips Turned Away from Horse Event

This was the headline on a report in the Daily Telegraph.

I wonder what Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells thinks of it all.

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Remembering M.R.D. Foot

M. R. D. Foot, who has recently died, was an historian, whose wartime exploits and subsequent researches led him to be a leading authority on the Special Operations Executive.

I seem to have come across him first, as he had written one of C’s books for her History and Politics course at Liverpool. But I remember him most for his book that he wrote in conjunction with Jimmy Langley, MI9: Escape and Evasion in 1939-1945. In there he relates how the first two British servicemen to make a Home Run from Germany were two Sikh sergeants in the Pioneer Corps.

It is a tale that has fascinated me and no-one seems to have any more knowledge than that one line in the book.

Hopefully, one day the tale will fully surface.

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Basques Want to Join an Independent Scotland

I can’t work out if this was a Spanish joke or not, but it is reported in today’s Times. The leader of one of their political parties has said it and has also waxed lyrical about kilts and said that Edinbrgh should replace Madrid as their capital.

Probably it’s just another way of stating the old adage – You don’t have to be mad to be the leader of a political party, but it helps.

I actually think on a day of such miserable foreign news, the story lightens everything up.

On the other hand it could be a large publicity stunt on behalf of Bilbao-based company CAF, who are building the trams for Edinburgh’s tram system and they want to get it finished and of course get paid. When it does get finished, I suspect that a mixture of Scots, Basques, paella and Scotch will be a good recipe for a party.

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Bureaucracy Isn’t All Bad or How to Get a UK Pension Forecast

I am 65 in a few months and I need to find out what my State Pension is going to be, so that I can plan my life accordingly.

As I live only a short walk from my local Jobcentre Plus and they helped me with my winter heating allowance, I decided they would be the first place to try.

They couldn’t help me directly, but they gave me a list of useful numbers and told me to ring the Pension Service on 0845 606 0265.  This incidentally is free from BT, but expensive from a mobile.

After I got home, I rang the number and they told me that the simplest way was to ring another toll-free number, 0845 300 0168.

It took me about ten minutes before I gave them all the information they needed, like both out National Insurance numbers, C’s Date of Death and our Date of Marriage.

The guy at the other end said, I’d get the Pension Forecast through the post in about ten days.

It was all fairly painless! And there were no charges anywhere.  Not even phone ones!

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The Tube

I watched the first part of this documentary about the London Underground on BBC2 last night and it was fascinating.

The thing that impressed me most, was how a very multi-racial staff acted as a coherent team and stood up so well to the hassle they got.

I shall be watching next week.

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