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Did You See That One Sepp?

I would suspect that Sepp Blatter may have seen the Ukrainian ghost goal last night for two reasons.

Firstly, even it had been scored,  it wouldn’t have changed who went through to the next round.

But of course, he did see it, as it was against England, his bete-noir, who are always complaining about the suspender-loving Swiss idiot.

To be charitable to the England players and officials, they have not denied it was a goal. After all, we have a lot to gain from the Hawk Eye technology to check these problems. as it is developed by a company, based in Winchester. But after seeing Sepp’s judgements on this matter over the last few years, I suspect he’ll give his seal of approval to anybody but this company. Although it is rumoured that the company are working on a system especially for Sepp, that detects if women are wearing Stockings.

But what was the extra linesman doing on the goal-line? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please. He certainly wasn’t looking.

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Simon Barnes on Blatter

Simon Barnes is one of my favourite columnists and he said this in The Times today.

Dear reader, if you have ambitions of achieving power without responsibility, give up all thought of standing for local council or joining the civil service, or becoming head of state of a small African country. Go into sports administration instead.

You can be as mad, as foolish, as ridiculous and offensive as you please, but so long as you keep the sport a-coming, you will be safe as President-For-Life. All of which explains Sepp Blatter, President of Fifa. Blatter is a man who genuinely believes that he has a sort of King Midas Touch but the President Sepp Touch doesn’t turn dross in to gold.

I suspect Simon has just got himself struck off Sepp Blatter’s Christmas card list. Especially, after the last paragraph.

Blatter has offended women, the gay community, every non-white person on the planet, anyone with any feeling for football, and everyone who approves of such things as honesty, financial transparency and straightforward common sense but he’s just been re-elected. Precisely as you would expect.

I do hope that the British public make Sepp Blatter really welcome at the Olympics.

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