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Would I Go Back To Budapest?

Budapest is certainly a city, that would be worth a second visit. My visit was just a passing one and I didn’t really have time to do the city justice.

I didn’t find any major problems, but I did find the Hungarian language and currency difficult.

In the former, it was difficult to relate street and station names to the map you are using and in the second, as the currency is about 350 forints to the pound, this made purchasing things difficult.

As regards the second, you can understand, why the euro was embraced as an idea and why some countries either use or closely link their currency to the US dollar.

After all, when I’m in a euro or dollar country, if you treat these as pounds, all you’ll get is a bit more change.  Using forints was a bit like using lire in Italy some years ago.

Budapest would make an ideal base to explore the Balkans and places like the Ukraine by rail, as there is a comprehensive list of places that trains go to from the main railway station.

Budapest Departures

Note Timisoara in the Departures display above.

You can apparently get easily from Budapest to Kiev in the Ukraine, so I would assume the reverse is possible. Ever since I saw the film; Battleship Potemkin, at school, I’ve always wanted to see the steps in Odessa, where the famous scene from the film takes place.

I did think about going during Euro 2012, but we had the Olympics coming up.

So if anybody wants to go to Odessa and Kiev and then come home by train, send me a message. I’m going to do it, to prove it is possible.

Remember though, I won’t be doing it in cheap hotels or Second Class.

Looking at Seat61; the bible for all train travelling, I’d probably fly to Budapest, take the train to Kiev and then after the detour to Odessa, I’d come home via Warsaw.


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The Good Luck Runs Out

What else is there to say!

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The Last Match on ITV

Tonight’s match is last one, that I’ll have to watch on ITV.  Yippee!

But I’ll be listening to the match commentary on my laptop.

It’s certainly the best way to watch football with adverts.

I wonder what percentage do it this way or listen to a radio for the commentary?

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Racism Is Less Of A Crime Than Bentner’s Underpants

At Euro-2012 Croatia have been fined €80,000 for racial abuse and throwing fireworks, but Nicklas Bentner has been fined €100,000 for wearing a pair of dodgy underpants. it’s reported here in the Daily Mail.

So I think that we now know where UEFA stands on racism!

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The Sun Is On Form

The Sun today, creates one of its memorable front pages.  On a par with some of their classic headlines.  As it is totally factual, no-one will object. The headline is.

Greeks Exit Euro

And the full story is here, with a very good picture.

It of course refers to the football and not the currency. If Angela Merkel has a sense of humour, she’ll probably be laughing like a drain, or whatever Germans do idiomatically!

The newspaper may be on form, but where’s the orange one in the sky?

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Did You See That One Sepp?

I would suspect that Sepp Blatter may have seen the Ukrainian ghost goal last night for two reasons.

Firstly, even it had been scored,  it wouldn’t have changed who went through to the next round.

But of course, he did see it, as it was against England, his bete-noir, who are always complaining about the suspender-loving Swiss idiot.

To be charitable to the England players and officials, they have not denied it was a goal. After all, we have a lot to gain from the Hawk Eye technology to check these problems. as it is developed by a company, based in Winchester. But after seeing Sepp’s judgements on this matter over the last few years, I suspect he’ll give his seal of approval to anybody but this company. Although it is rumoured that the company are working on a system especially for Sepp, that detects if women are wearing Stockings.

But what was the extra linesman doing on the goal-line? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please. He certainly wasn’t looking.

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I’ve Found A Nice Cure For Adverts

I’ve got the ITV pictures on my television, but I’ve got the sound off and I’m listening to the commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live.

It doesn’t improve the football, but it does improve the broadcasting experience.

A lot of the adverts I’ve just watched now look totally ridiculous.

There’s one for Official Player Escorts, that could be insinuating things, we’d rather not know.

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It’s All Double Dutch to Me

Some things in International football are always the same.  For a start England always lose penalty shoot-outs and various Latin teams are good at faking injuries and being badly tackled.

Another was that The Netherlands always played in orange.

But not tonight!

As Portugal are playing in red and Holland in black with orange trim, from the other side of my room, I thought Portugal had scored first. But it was The Netherlands!

Rinaldo also seems to be trying to get the award for the most over-rated player at the Championship.

Unfortunately for the Dutch, he got very much better!

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An Ironic Poster

The pub a few doors from me is showing all of the Euro-2012 matches.

An Ironic Poster

Some wag wrote this on one side of their advertising board.

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Bye! Bye! Russia

I can’t say I’m sorry to see the Russians go home!

What price now that the Greeks vote for no austerity tomorrow? They will be backing on two miracles in a week.

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