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Climbing Stairs Two At A Time

This set of stairs is at Syon Lane station.

It is typical of many sets of stairs in London and all over the UK.

I have recently found that it is easier and faster for me to climb stairs like these, two steps at a time.

Sometimes, I will climb up the right side of the stairs pulling myself with my good right arm.

I can understand, why when using my good arm, it is easier and faster, as I am pushing with two limbs and pulling with one.

But the surprise is that if I walk up the middle of the stairs, it’s easier too!

Is it down to the fact that most stairs are to the same standard, which was designed to fit the mechanics of the average human.

I suspect too, that practice helps.

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A Double Handrail At London Bridge

I’ve been up these steps many times in the past and don’t remember the double handrail in the middle.

A Double Handrail At London Bridge

A Double Handrail At London Bridge

They seem to be springing up in a lot of places in London. They certainly makes the steps a lot safer. Especially for me, as my left hand isn’t the best.

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