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Some People Are Profiting From COVID-19!

There are a few people out there, who are using various scams to profit from COVID-19, but there are also some, who are making money legitimately from the virus.

This week, Diana Moran, ( aka the Green Goddess) made a comeback on BBC Breakfast and this morning, she’s featured in The Sunday Times, in an article, which is entitled Green Goddess Diana Moran Rises Again To Help The Over-70s Turn Home Into A Health Spa.

This is the introduction to the article.

When Diana Moran was first asked to slip into a vivid green leotard, she was seen as little more than a television novelty act catching the start of 1980s fitness and aerobics craze, but she turned into a cult hit known as the Green Goddess.

Now aged 80, Moran is returning to a regular slot on the BBC — but this time the stakes are much higher.

Stephen Fry was also found to be giving sound advice on the Andrew Marr Show.

Good luck to Diana, Stephen and others of their ilk!


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Climbing Stairs Two At A Time

This set of stairs is at Syon Lane station.

It is typical of many sets of stairs in London and all over the UK.

I have recently found that it is easier and faster for me to climb stairs like these, two steps at a time.

Sometimes, I will climb up the right side of the stairs pulling myself with my good right arm.

I can understand, why when using my good arm, it is easier and faster, as I am pushing with two limbs and pulling with one.

But the surprise is that if I walk up the middle of the stairs, it’s easier too!

Is it down to the fact that most stairs are to the same standard, which was designed to fit the mechanics of the average human.

I suspect too, that practice helps.

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A New Take On Dumbbells

I bought these dumbbells in John Lewis, as my fitness trainer, said I needed some heavier ones.

A New Take On Dumbbells

A New Take On Dumbbells

There was only one problem and that was bringing two 4 kilo dummbells home in two flimsy plastic carriers.

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How To Get A Body Like Jessica

I saw this in a shop window in Oxford street yesterday.

How To Get A Body Like Jessica

How ridiculous?

But then they’ll sell tonnes of it to the gullible!

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Boris’s Plot To Get Londoners Fit!

A few days ago, at the Angel, I came out of the Tube station and after picking up my paper, I needed any of a 30, 38 or 56 bus to get myself home.

I was crossing the road, when I became aware of people running in all directions, including down the middle of and across the road. Luckily the lights were with us, so I followed the force.

The rushing was all because a New Bus for London, running on the 38 route had appeared and was waiting to get on the stop to suck in its load of passengers.

I got on at the rear platform and sat immediately and safely in one of the rear facing seats by the platform, just as the bus moved away.

This morning returning from the Angel after a coffee and doing some shopping, I followed a rather puffing much younger man onto the bus.

I then remarked to the driver that these buses seemed to be a plot to get Londoners fit.

She laughed and didn’t disagree.

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Inter-University Pole Dancing Competition

This has just been covered on the BBC. Although the venue wasn’t announced.  Was that for the obvious reason?

The student interviewed said it was a great way to get fit and loose a bit of weight.  So perhaps instead of counting calories, we should all dance, with or without poles.

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My Double Handle Medicine Ball

Ever since I’ve been back home, I’ve been using this medicine ball every day to build up my core strength.

Medicine Ball With Handles

Mine is a 5 Kg. model, but they come in different sizes.

I was given a set of exercises to do from a fitness expert, who puts judo players back together after serious injuries.

The exercises seem to have worked and I feel that my regained core strength has helped my balance and the ability to walk fairly long distances without feeling tired.

I bought mine on-line from Powerhouse Fitness and it doesn’t have a famous brand name, but those in John Lewis are twice the price and have names in the class of Adidas and Nike.  So if you want one search on-line and don’t go for a brand you know.

It is rumoured that if ladies use one with the proper exercises, it can help put on a cup size. No-one would believe that would they!

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Thunder Thighs Are Good

That is the message being posted on the news this morning, but it is not quite that if you read the news report.

I heard it that if your thighs were less than 60 cm. then this was bad for your heart.  It’s actually, if your thighs are less than 55 cm., then this is true.  Here’s what the report says.

The study looked at more than 2800 men and women with an average age of around 50.

It found that the risk of heart disease more than doubled for both men and women who had a thigh circumference of less than 55 centimetres.

Those participants with thighs between 55 and 60 centimetres received a protective effect against heart disease, the study reports.

But that protective effect reduced for people with thighs above 60 centimetres in circumference.

So because my thighs are only 48 cm. (19 in.) does that put me at risk?  Possibly not, as my waist is only 75 cm. (30 in.)?

Probably not, if I read the next bit.

Associate Professor David Cameron-Smith, of Deakin University in Melbourne, says this is very powerful research.

He says a growing body of research is showing the increased risk of heart disease associated with living a sedentary lifestyle.

According to Cameron-Smith, thigh circumference is a broad indicator of physical activity and muscle mass is related to how much exercise you do.

I don’t live that sort of lifestyle all the time. In fact when my fitness was last checked a few months ago, it was probably that of a man ten years younger than me.  It wasn’t always so and has improved over the last few years since I was diagnosed as a coeliac and have gone on a gluten free diet.

I also get a lot of exercise trying to find good clothes that fit properly.

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Trinny Relaunches Herself

Trinny Woodall relaunches herself more than the space shuttle.

I first came across Trinny and her business partner, Susannah Constantine, at a presentation given by First Tuesday at the height of the Dot Com boom.  They were launching a website for women and like many others launched at the time, I think it failed.  Interestingly, I liked the idea and in common with others at the time, did they launch before the punters were ready for it?

Few sites have survived from those heady days, and most of the ones that have, have either have backers with deep pockets or no backers at all.   It probably says that if you want a successful business, make sure you have control of the finances. 

Perhaps, her latest relaunch is the most spectacular, as she has turned the clock back with her body.

There is a lot of truth in the old motto. 

If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try, try again.

Or perhaps in Trinny’s case.

If you’ve succeeded once, you can always do it again.

I wish her the best of luck.

Especially, as at the age of nearly 62, I’m trying to get really fit.  But perhaps more importantly, I’m creating a whole new suite of software, which is the successor to all of the stuff I wrote in the 1970s. 

It’s hard, but it’s fun!

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You Don’t Have to Look Old!

Some of us look good as we get old and some of us don’t.  I will not comment on myself, but look at this article in the Daily Mail on Sophia Loren.  I hope that she’s really as happy as she looks in these pictures.

Some years ago, we were on holiday in Italy and one of the cosmetic companies was having what was probably a thank-you weekend for all of the models that used their products.  One absolute stunner who I recognised from the adverts she had done was probably in her late sixties.  But she was the one who exercised in front of everyone on the beach.  In a bikini too!

That’s why I play a lot of tennis, ride my bicycle and walk when I can.  I’m also the same weight as when I got married.

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