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A Good Hotel, But!

I stayed in the Stureplan Hotel in Stockholm.

Hotel Stureplan, Stockholm

Hotel Stureplan, Stockholm

It was a good hotel, for what I paid, and I couldn’t complain about the position, staff or the food, where I even got gluten-free bread for breakfast.

But it had various faults that annoyed me.

The first and one of the most serious was the intermittent wi-fi.  I couldn’t get it in my bedroom unless I connected first in the lobby that was on the way to the lift. Security on wei-fi doesn’t bother me, but this can’t be the most secure, if you have to use your device in the open.

I think the hotel had had a makeover from a designer.  Look at this picture of the shampoo and shower gel.

Shampoo And Shower Gel

Shampoo And Shower Gel

The only way to tell is to read the small writing on the back, which for me, means glasses.  But as I don’t shower in my glasses, I couldn’t tell which was which, when I needed them. Anbd trhen there was the shower controls.

Unfathomable Shower Controls

Unfathomable Shower Controls

it worked well, but which side was the water control and which was the temperature. The only way I worked it out, was by experiment, after giving it a good once over with my glasses. I still haven’t found a hotel shower as good as the digital Aqualiser Quartz, I had in Suffolk.

I think partly, my problem may well be my left hand, which doesn’t work that well and also because I need my glasses to decipher things like this. Surely, all controls should be obvious to someone who is virtually blind!

I wasn’t struck with the shower door, as water leaked underneath and made the floor slippery.

A Useless Shower Door

A Useless Shower Door

My balance is good for someone, who had a bad stroke, but I know quite a few people, who would have found the floor dangerous.

But it was the little touches that I didn’t like. The hotel seemed to have quite a few steps like this.

A Tricky Step

A Tricky Step

If my house can be designed with totally flat floors, surely a good hotel can. Luckily, I didn’t trip up badly.

I also didn’t like the tissues.

A Silly Box Of Tissues

A Silly Box Of Tissues

With my rhinitis, it was just one good blow and they were in the bin. Not very green!

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Welcome To Stockholm

I took the train into Stockholm from the airport at Arlanda and then walked to the hotel. I know cycling is good for you, but why do cyclists park their bikes everywhere, so that walking is virtually impossible?

Welcome To Stockholm

Welcome To Stockholm

In fairness to Stockholm, a lot of building work was going on at the station and the walking path will probably be better in the future. There was the odd map along the route, but not as many as we now have in London.  But some might say that London is overmapped.  I wouldn’t!

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My Packing List

I’m off tomorrow on the 11:30 British Airways flight to Stockholm. I’ve booked a hotel for the first two nights and then it’s home on the train by way of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Brussels, although the route might change, as I want to visit places I’ve not seen before.

I will be travelling light, in fact some would think ultra light and everything will have to go in my Mandarina Duck case.

My Mandarina Duck Case

My Mandarina Duck Case

It fits under the seat in front on the plane, even on a low-space airline, and I carry it in my left hand.

I don’t take much technology with me.

  • A Nikon CoolPix S8200
  • A spare SD card in my wallet, as I always leave the one I’m using in my computer
  • A simple Nokia phone
  • A Samsung Tab 2 7 tablet computer
  • Charging leads for camera, phone and tab. Why can’t they all have the same charger fitting?
  • Three simple Bic pens, as buying single ones is often difficult.
  • A small note book.
  • My Coaguchek device for testing my INR
  • My temperature and humidity meter.

My washbag contains the following.

  • A battery electric toothbrush
  • A small shoe-horn, courtesy of Agnes B.  Where it came from, I don’t know, as neither C or myself bought shoes there.  But it’s tiny, so it takes up little space.
  • My European plug adapter, as I always lose them and this is the best place to keep it.
  • A small pot of Vaseline
  • 20% more drugs, than I’ll need for the duration of the holiday

I buy a deodorant and toothpaste in Boots after passing through security at the Airport. That way, I avoid the security game that the great and good insist we play.

Clothes are something like.

  • Enough underpants and socks for the trip. usually that’s one per day, as if I run out or get some sort of lurgy, I can buy some more.
  • One or two spare shirts, often still in the wrapping, as that way they don’t get so creased in transit.
  • A jumper if required.

At this time of year, I generally don’t take a spare pair of trousers or shoes, but I might this time. If I need anything, I’ll buy them.  After all, it’s not as if I’m going somewhere where good shops aren’t around.

If I do take a pair of shoes, I make sure I pack them with something like underpants or socks.

Other things I always take include.

  • Four or five small packs of tissues.
  • Plenty of Sudokus printed from The Times.
  • Some EatNakd bars.
  • Some reading, which being Sunday, will be the comics from the paper.
  • A couple of small city guides for places I’m visiting

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It’s Mary Rose Next Week

Now that the Mary Rose museum has opened in Portsmouth, it has given me a suggestion about where to go next week.

As I’m also going to see the Vasa in Stockholm later next month, it will be an interesting comparison.

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