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The Operated On Left Eye Is Working Well

I have just completed The Times Deadly Killer Sudoku in forty minutes on the phone using only my left eye. It certainly works better than it did.

I’m actually doing most typing on my phone using the left eye as it is much better than the right.

The wonders of modern surgery. And all paid for by the NHS in a private hospital.


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Brain Boost: Lockdown Puzzles

The title of this post, is the same as that of a little section in the online copy of The Times, which says this.

Every day, Monday to Thursday, a printable page of extra puzzles to keep your brain trained during the lockdown

It’s funny, but the extra puzzles I got in the on-line copy were ones that I commonly do.

Does the Times server, look at the puzzles I do and give me ones I like as extras?

If they do, it is surely good marketing.

I think they’ll be giving out extra puzzles for a long time.

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An Excellent Reason For A Coeliac To Subscribe To The Times

A few weeks ago, The Times had a revamp and put Lindsey Bareham’s Dinner Tonight recipe at the bottom left of page 2. It makes the recipe easy to cut out and keep. Here’s one I cut out earlier!

A Recipe Cut From The Times

A Recipe Cut From The Times

The great thing about her recipes, is that many are naturally gluten-free or can easily be made so. This new position, means you can check the recipe before buying the paper.

This morning, I got to asking myself if they now print properly, as in their old position in the paper, it meant you had to print about six sheets of paper, most of which went in the bin.

I am a subscriber to The Times, as I like their sudokus and other puzzles, so I logged in and found the recipes. To print now, is a lot easier, as if you only print the first page, you only get the recipe and none of the garbage, that you often get when printing a page from the Internet.

Dinner Tonight Recipes From The Times

Dinner Tonight Recipes From The Times

This morning, I printed three recipes, that have appeared in the paper in the last week.


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Is This Sudoku Solvable

The fiendish Sudoku numbered 5373 in the Times on Friday seems insoluble.

I’ve made a couple of copies for next year.

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