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The UK To Get A Huguenot Heritage Centre

My mother’s family was of Huguenot ancestry, with her father being an engraver of note.

So I was pleased to see an article in The Times saying that a Huguenote Heritage Centre is being set up at The French Hospital in Rochester.

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Is This A Real Payday Loan Site?

This site called was mentioned in the Money section of The Times today.

Is it real? I certainly wouldn’t borrow any money from them, despite the appealing cats!

The site appears to be registered in Panama, although it does appear to offer loans in pounds.

I would sugest that you laugh at the cats and do no more!

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I Don’t Buy Cleaning Materials Any More

I live in a three-bedroomed house, with a large living room and a small kitchen, so it isn’t the most difficult place to keep clean.  I use contract cleaners, who come once a week, bringing everything they need and cost me about sixty pounds.

So as I’m writing a big shopping list for the next few days, it’s very simple, as there is no cleaning materials at all. The only thing, that I buy, that isn’t food or drink, is washing up liquid, washing detergent, soap, toothpaste and toilet paper.

It certainly makes life a lot simpler, as over the last forty or so years, finding decent cleaners has always been a problem for C and myself.

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How To Buy Airliners

I found this article entitled Ryanair Orders 175 Boeings, but CEO Wants More Seats, Less Baggage, whilst looking for an article about baggage.

It really does show how Boeing and Airbus are not providing airlines with what they want.

I wonder how long it will be before we are all weighed with our baggage before we go on an airliner. I wouldn’t object, but it would probably make flying just that little bit cheaper.

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EasyJet Turn The Screw

Easyjet are making their hand baggage rules tighter, with the maximum hand baggage size now 50 x 40 x 20 cm.

It won’t bother me, as my case is only 42 x 33 x 16 cm. And it handles a week’s holiday with ease!

It sounds to me like someone ought to make the Easycase.

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Why Can’t Basil Stick To The Countryside?

I went out this morning to get my paper and collect my laundry and there was mess all over the street.

Why Can't Basil Stick To The Countryside?

Why Can’t Basil Stick To The Countryside?

But by the distinct smell, I could identify the culprit.  He’d probably dragged the rubbish from somewhere up the street. It certainly isn’t mine, as I don’t use black bags and I have a fox-proof wheelie-bin.

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An Excellent Reason For A Coeliac To Subscribe To The Times

A few weeks ago, The Times had a revamp and put Lindsey Bareham’s Dinner Tonight recipe at the bottom left of page 2. It makes the recipe easy to cut out and keep. Here’s one I cut out earlier!

A Recipe Cut From The Times

A Recipe Cut From The Times

The great thing about her recipes, is that many are naturally gluten-free or can easily be made so. This new position, means you can check the recipe before buying the paper.

This morning, I got to asking myself if they now print properly, as in their old position in the paper, it meant you had to print about six sheets of paper, most of which went in the bin.

I am a subscriber to The Times, as I like their sudokus and other puzzles, so I logged in and found the recipes. To print now, is a lot easier, as if you only print the first page, you only get the recipe and none of the garbage, that you often get when printing a page from the Internet.

Dinner Tonight Recipes From The Times

Dinner Tonight Recipes From The Times

This morning, I printed three recipes, that have appeared in the paper in the last week.


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Why Is Marks And Spencer At Eastfield, So Bad For Gluten-Free Food?

Sometimes, I will buy a gluten-free sandwich from Marks and Spencer! Not often, as their selection at the moment in many stores tends to be just a cheese ploughman’s, which has never been my favourite, as I generally only eat soft or blue cheeses. But most stores in London and especially those at stations sell them, as they did yesterday in Birmingham New Street station. My two local Marks at Islington and Finsbury Pavement, always have them.In the week, I also bought the excellent gluten-free breaded cod from Finsbury Pavement.

But why are there no sandwiches at the large Marks in the Eastfield shopping centre at Stratford? Or gluten-free cod either! It’s as though specific gluten-free products have been banned at Eastfield, as try to get a gluten-free meal there in any restaurant and they say they haven’t got anything. I also heard that the other restaurants said they didn’t want a Carluccio’s there.

So if you’re gluten-free, I recommend that you don’t go anywhere near the dreaded Eastfield!

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