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Sweden’s Mammals – Would I Go Again?

It is now a few days since I returned from my trip to see Sweden’s mammals, and it is time to pause for reflection.

Although, I ask the question of whether I would go again in this post, I actually don’t think, I would do the exact same trip again, as I’ve done it once and the only disappointment was that the bears and the wolves were on holiday too.

So I might go just to see bears or wolves and Sweden would be one of the places I would look at. After all, it’s a country, where things are done correctly, the food and accommodation, I had on the trip was very good and overall, it was all well organised.

Overall, I enjoyed it immensely and don’t regret going one bit in any way.

I said on the first night on the boat looking for beavers, that we would get some surprises and things wouldn’t turn out as expected.

Obviously, the problems with the bears and the wolves was one surprise, but as someone who lived in the countryside for forty years, I know how unpredictable animals and birds can be.

But we also had two very positive surprises; the ants and the magnificent skies.

If I was organising the tours, I would make sure that these were explained better.

But then as in all things, it is attention to detail that counts.

I have a feeling that this tour and others like it will get more popular, as surely Norway and Sweden, are the one place close to the UK, where you can see large  wild animals.  It’s also an ideal short break.

I think coupled with visits to Stockholm and Oslo at either end, it could be part of a fuller exploration of Scandinavia for everybody.

THe tour I took was organised by Marcus Eldh of Wild Sweden and I booked it through Naturetrek in the UK.

All of the posts can be accessed by clicking this link.

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No Close Encounters Of The Wolf Kind

After supper, Marcus the main guide from Wild Sweden, tried to call the wolves, who were undoubtedly in the area, as they had left their calling card.

He tried first on a rock by the lake, but despite it being a clear still night, he got no response to his calls.

My walking must be getting better, as I was able to negotiate the track back to the minibus with the light of the head torches of others.

Then he tried three more times at other places.

The last time was almost surreal, as there was a flashing orange light on a mast about a kilometre away and we were watching and listening intently under another magnificent sky, whilst Marcus did his best wolf impressions. Any aliens from wherever, who’d encountered us, would have thought it all very strange.

Perhaps, the wolves had moved on?

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A Walk And A Meal In The Forest

Before we actually tried to make contact with the wolves, we went for a walk by a lake and then had supper by a fire.

It was surprisingly warm and I actually fell asleep in the sun for twenty minutes or so.

I think it is true to say, if I’d saw a video about the walks before I booked, I might have declined as they looked difficult.

But truthfully they weren’t as bad as they looked and I had no trouble with any of the places we walked either here or earlier, when we saw the ants.

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Wolves And Wolf Research

We went to see if we could find any signs of wolves, but first we went to see a presentation about wolf research.

It was fascinating to see how wolves are migrating south through Sweden and the research that is being done to make sure the population is healthy and able to live easily with the human population.

I asked the researcher, if he had any views on our badger problem.  He would not have any common ground with Brian May on the cull.

On the other hand, the wolf research will hopefully lead to the understanding of how wild animals and people can live together in harmony.

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