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Plastic Kerbstones

Who’d have thought it?

I wouldn’t have done until I saw a DuraKerb truck on the A14 this lunchtime.

It seems to tick all of the boxes :-

  • They have the same specification to the normal concrete kerbstones.
  • They appear to be just as strong as concrete kerbstones.
  • They are light so they are laid quicker and without some of the heavy equipment needed.
  • They don’t chip when you lay them.
  • They are made from partly recycled material, that would otherwise go to landfill.

But I also speak from personal experience.  Some years ago, I laid a lot of concrete kerbstones by myself.  And I’m a jockey-sized bloke.  These would have been a doddle.

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Sexuality in the 1960s

The report by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, that children are over-exposed to sexual imagery makes some good points, but it seems to give the impression that this is a new phenomenon.

I doubt it is.

Top of the Pops was one of the top BBC shows from the 1960s onwards until it faded away a few years ago.  Before the advent of pop videos many of the bands played live, but in many cases when they couldn’t, a dance routine would be performed by Pan’s People. Tame they weren’t, and they did go out in the early evening on BBC1.  So when the report talks about rating pop videos and banning some before the watershed, I say “What’s New?”  Pan’s People got there fair share of complaints about exposing sexuality to the young.

The report also suggests that certain magazines should not be sold to those under 16.  Will this make any difference?  I doubt it.  When I used to deliver newspapers as a fifteen-year-old, we always used to go back to the shop afterwards and thumb through the dirty magazines.  And some were quite dirty!  No not quite, very! We didn’t have the Internet, but it didn’t matter.

But what has changed is that in the 1960s and before, you had to beware paedophiles.  Hadley Wood, which was near where I live, was full of them.  All the kids passed messages between themselves, but we never told our parents as then we’d have been banned from going to the Woods to do things like train spotting on the Great Northern line to the north.

Thankfully, paedophiles seem to have gone from public places.

It’s a funny thing, but some of the most explicit photos I’ve ever seen, I saw when I worked in a factory as a vacation job from University in probably 1966.  They didn’t involve children, but they did involve most other perversions.

Was it the same before the Second World War and even in Victorian Times?

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos has made a lot of good points, but I doubt that any will make any difference. Commercial pressures from MTV, Facebook and other American sites will mean that no legislation will be enforceable and kids are always curious and want to experiment. So it could be a losing battle.

What we must do is educate children properly, so that they take everything around themselves with a strong pinch of salt and choose the things that will enrich their lives and make them valuable members of society.

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Airbrushed Photographs of Women

There is a report today by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, that says that children are over-exposed to sexual imagery.

One of the points it makes is that photos are often airbrushed to make the subjects closer to what is considered to be an ideal.  It says that that airbushed photos should be marked as such. I think there is a fat chance of that ever happening, as suppose they insisted on it in the UK, would it apply to imported magazines printed in the US and Europe.  If they were not allowed to be distributed here that would be censorship!

It just shows how far this report is from what can be achieved in reality.

Look at this photo of a lady dressed how she would have been in the Belle Epoque era, I found on the web from 1895.

The waist looks very much that it has been retouched. 

Plus ca change! Except then tiny waists were important and now it’s being stick thin.

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Michael Winner

I must be one of the few people who actually like Michael Winner.  He makes a refreshing change from most of the politically correct people that pass for presenters and stars these days.

His new program, Michael Winner’s Dining Stars, is either going to be very good or absolutely awful.  But after hearing Michael on Richard Bacon’s program on Radio 5 on Wednesday, I’m hopeful that it could be the former.  He was his usal outrageous self on that program, name-dropping like a good un’ and generally slagging off things that he didn’t like.  But he also praised things that he did like.

I would agree with his comments on the north. He said that food is awful, the people and the countryside are good.  But he did say that he’d never had a decent meal in a restaurant up north.  Until a few weeks ago, I would have agreed with him, as being a coeliac, asking for a gluten-free meal up north brands you as a food-wimp and a southern softie. 

But then, I had that wonderful lunch at The Manor House Inn at Carterway Heads.  So perhaps, Michael should try that unassuming pub!

We always associate Michael with violent films, but he did make one of my favourites, Hannibal Brooks. He also produced, directed and wrote that film, which I think says a lot about Michael.

If I had to have a few celebrities at a dinner party, they’d be Michael Winner, David Bellamy, Janet Street Porter and Princess Anne.  I’m not allowing dead people, but if I did, I’d include Danny Blanchflower, Ian Dury, John Lennon and my of course my late wife.

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Portsmouth Go Bust

Well actually they are going into administration, but I suspect in their case it will mean the same thing. As I said earlier, who would buy a club, that doesn’t own the ground, the land around the ground, doesn’t have enough capacity and hasn’t really got any decent players or even a youth policy.

Where clubs have been bought without the ground, they have rarely succeeded.

So this looks to me like another stay of execution for a once proud club.

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