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An Historical Side-Effect Of The London Gateway

This story from the Southend Echo, tells about the excavation of HMS London. They say this.

A PHOTOGRAPHIC exhibition detailing the excavation of a shipwreck off Southend pier has opened to the public.

HMS London was first rediscovered in 2005 during works to build the London Gateway superport.

Mary Rose it is not, but HMS London would appear that it is starting to give up its secrets.

I shall certainly go to the exhibition of photos at the Beecroft Gallery in the town.

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More Pictures From Crossrail

Crossrail is certainly a gift to photographers, as these pictures in City AM show.

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The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

I’ve just bought myself a cloud and I’m putting all the family pictures on DVD up there, so that my son and certain old friends can see them.

I found this photo of a sign on the outskirts of Leicester or Derby.

The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

I wonder what happened to Bubbles and Babes?

Did the bottom fall out of the market?

The picture was taken around 2006 or so!


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Sometimes It Pays To Have A Clearout

The Times was moving its picture archive and found some previously unseen pictures of Roger Bannister running the first four-minute mile on the 6th May, 1954.

One picture shows Christopher Brasher, Roger Bannister and Christopher Chataway in line during the race. It could become an iconic picture!

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Sensing Spaces At The Royal Academy

Today was a preview day for Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy.

What was unusual about the exhibition was that the taking of pictures was encouraged.

We need more of this. Obviously, under the control of a tasteful set of rules. Like no flash, not getting in the way of other visitors and not taking pictures of the visitors.  Almost like the rules on the London Underground, where I’ve heard that drivers get fed up of the camera flashes, as they drive trains into the station.

One installation even allowed me to take a reflected selfie.

Go and see the exhibition.  But make sure you take a camera that is good in low light, with the flash switched off!

I suspect too, it would be best to go,when there are a shortage of walk-on extras.

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Experiments With Selfies

I was trying to get a decent picture of myself.

Most seemed to be rubbish, so I only left myself with these. So if I kept these how bad were the others?

Note the Liverpool University Engineering Scarf, I often wear in cold weather.

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Venezuela’s New Sports Minister

The Times carries a centre page spread of Venezuela’s new Sports Minister, who is an Olympic fencer, with her sports equipment placed strategically.

The photo is here, but I suspect it’ll be everywhere. This other page in Spanish doesn’t need translation.

Just imagine the fuss if one of our high-level female politicians did the same.  But then the only top sports people, who have made government in recent years have been Christopher Chataway and Sebastian Coe.

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The Shard In The Afternoon Sun

I took these pictures deliberately this afternoon, with the sun directly behind The Shard from a DLR train on the way into Bank station.

It’s of course, breaking the rule of not shooting pictures looking directly into the sun.

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Picture Of The Day

This same picture captured by Stanislav Duben in the Czech Republic is in The Times, The Telegraph and the Mail. And I suspect many other newpapers and web sites all over the world!

It is one of those remarkable images captured occasionally by sheer luck. Look at it here in the Mail.

It does show the importance of having your camera handy at all times.

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The City At Sunset From Hoxton Station

Coming back from the Emirates Air-Line, I stopped off at Hoxton Station to take these pictures from the Northbound platform.

These are not the first photographs I’ve taken from the station, but the photograph on this post, was taken from the Southbound platform

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