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Coast is in Denmark

Coast is one of my favourite telvision programs.  Today was all about Denmark.  I’ve been to the country a couple of times, although one was just to get a connection to Oslo.

My next-door neighbour at the football is also a man who has a Danish father, who had been trapped in the UK  at the start of the Second World War.

The program was about the Danish coast and agriculture, but with a fair amount of Second World War and other history thrown in. They also visited Heliogoland, which seems a fascinating place. A large part of the program was about how the Danes got most of their Jews to safety in Sweden.  They didn’t mention King Christian X, who surely became one of the unlikely heroes of the war.

I doubt many monarchs would have did what he did to give support to his people.

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An Alternative to Toll Roads

A report today, says that toll roads are not the answer to Britain’s crowded roads.

But is an alternative here already?

The A14 is one of the UK’s most crowded roads.  A lot of the traffic is trucks carrying containers to and from the docks in the Haven Ports (Felixstowe, Harwich and Ipswich).

Over the next two years, Network Rail are upgrading the railway from Felixstowe to the East and West Coast Main Lines, so that large amounts of this traffic can go by rail.  Network Rail are also upgrading the rail network to Southampton and other places to put the heavy freight where it belongs and the traffic figures are now showing that rail is carrying more freight traffic of this type than a few years ago.

The problem is that rail needs depots to transfer the containers for the final collection or delivery and planning permission for these is often difficult to get, due to local opposition from those same people, who will benefit from less freight traffic on the roads.

We may not have space in this country for a new motorway, but there is often space to fit in another rail track or two alongside an existing line.

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Kevin Pietersen’s Forthright Tweets

Kevin Pietersen might be a good cricketer, but he’ll never make it as a diplomat after today.

Let’s face it, he’s not playing well and deserves to be dropped, as batsmen are supposed to score runs.  He hasn’t for some time.

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A Pain Diary

This is a set of notes to see if I can find the best strategy for controlling the pain.

Tuesday, 31st August

10:00 – The pain in my jaw, face and arm is bad.  I’ll give it 7/10.

11:00 – The doctor gives me some 15 mg. codiene tablets and says to take one or two, three times a day.  He says it won’t hurt if I mix them with paracetamol.

12:00 – I take two codiene and one paracetamol tablets.

13:00 – Lunch is one of Waitrose tiffins, which I feel helps my mouth.

14:00 – Pain is down to about 5/10 and I sleep for perhaps an hour.

17:00 – I’ve done quite a bit of typing this afternoon, so the left hand isn’t too bad. Pain still 5/10.

19:00 – Pain now about 6/10, so I’ve taken another two codiene.

20:00 – Supper was a tuna steak, peas and sauce followed by raspberries and yoghurt. It was surprisingly easy to eat and the fruit and yoghurt was very soothing.  I should say that I still eat peas with my right hand, using the fork as a spoon. Pain is now about 4/10.

Wednesday 1st Setember

06:00 – I have just got up after a good night’s sleep or at least a very reasonable one.  I didn’t take one of the sleeping pills either.  Pain is about 3/10.

07:00 – Just taken one codiene and one paracetamol.

12:00 – On the way to Lingfield, I took two codiene and one paracetamol to keep the pain level to about 4/10.

17:00 – Supper was pasta in Carlucciuo’s with a still lemonade. Pain still about 4/10.

19:00 – On the train home to Whittlesford, I actually slept for twenty minutes or so, so the pain level was probably a bit less.  I didn’t end up in Cambridge either!

21:00 –  Just cook one codiene and one paracetamol before bed.  I’m trying to keep the number I take each day to below the maximum, as that gives me a margin for if the pain gets worth.  Pain is probably at a 3/10 level.

Thursday 2nd September

07:00 Woke up after a good night’s sleep. Pain in the face after a cup of tea.  Perhaps 4/10.

08:00 – Took one codiene and one paracetamol.

11:00 – I went to see a physiotherapist, who used some electrical therapy on my arm and also said that some of problems there were because I don’t sit straight up.

15:00 – I’ve peeled a few potatoes for a fish pie and the cold water and the movement seems to hsve eased the pain in my wrist.  The pain level is about 3/10.

22:00 – As with yesterday, I have a codiene and a paracetamol before going to bed. The pain level is about 3/10.

Friday 3rd September

07:00 – Slept well with no problems.

09:00 – Took one codiene and a paracetamol.  Pain level about 4/10.

18:00 – Took one codiene and a paracetamol.  Pain level about 4/10. Pain mainly in a tooth.  Did find that a slice of Marian’s chocolate cake had a beneficial effect.

Saturday 4th September

07:00 My arm wasn’t good in the morning and I had a bit of trouble putting a shirt on as I couldn’t find the left arm-hole.

22:00 – I didn’t have too much pain all day and had perhaps one paracetamol, when I got up and one in the evening.  Pain level about 4/10.

Sunday 5th September

07:00 – I woke up much better this morning after a lot of sleep.  I took a paracetamol.  The pain level was 3/10.

21:00 – Not much pain at 3/10 and I’ll probably take a paracetamol before I retire.

Monday 6th September

07:00 – I slept well with little pain.  Perhaps about 5/10.

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The Isle of Wight, Great Yarmouth, Hastings and Morecambe

I am going to Portsmouth to see Ipswich on the 11th of this month to see Ipswich play.  I thought that I might take the ferry and see the Isle of wight.  but after reading Bronwen Maddox’s article in The Times today, I don’t think I’ll bother.

She says that the Isle is rather run down and virtually cut off from the rest of the UK, just like the other towns in the heading of this post. All places share higher unemployment than the rest of the country and have a run-down feel.

She says that the solution to the Isle of Wight’s problem is a bridge, just as all the other towns could do with transport connections to the rest of the UK to attract industry, jobs and tourists. I know the route to Yarmouth well and is it not only sib-standard, but very dangerous.  upgrade it or perhaps the railway that runs alongside it and you might improve one of the worse unemployment blackspots in Southern England. I also drove to Hastings once.  Never again!

These are the infrastructure projects that we must start.  I even suspect that some might even be financed by the reduction in benefits, when the jobs are created.

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August Births

Both C and myself would have considered ourselves successful; she as a barrister and racehorse breeder and myself as a computer programmer, who helped create a multi-million pound company. We were both born in August many years ago.

Our most successful son of three is at the peak of his profession in London, despite leaving school with no qualifications at all. And he too was born in August.

So why this stigma against August births?  Perhaps Leos and early-Virgos have a drive lacked by others, born in colder months.

I should say that some years ago I analysed all the birth weights for a year in an English county to see if we could find any patterns that might point to why some children were born with a low weight. One of the findings was that twins were more numerous eight or nine months after Christmas. Unfortunately, the data wasn’t good enough to know if the twins were identical or fraternal.

So I do wonder if some August children, having been conceived perhaps after a party, just want to get on with life and don’t succeed.

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I Can’t Sleep!

Since I had the stroke, I’ve always been able to sleep.  But not tonight, as the pain in my face is too much and I reckon if I’ve had an hour of sleep, I’ve been lucky!

I’ve taken a couple of paracetamol tablets and they have made no difference.

It’s now three o’clock in the morning and I’ve got up to listen to the radio and play on the computer.  At least my typing is fine!

So let’s hope the pain is a sign that my brain is getting to grips with my body again!

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