The Anonymous Widower

An E-Mail to the Head of ITV

The head of ITV was on BBC Radio 5 this afternoon and Richard Bacon was soliciting questions.

I sent one in.

I never watch ITV mainly because I’m a coeliac and allergic to gluten, which means no bread, beer, pasta or fast food for me. So most of the food and drink product adverts are for products that make me ill.


I’ve also had a stroke, so I can’t drive and have no interest in betting, except on my own terms, when I have information or have made a reasoned judgement.  So that get’s the other adverts onto my not-to-watch list.


So how does a channel like ITV get me to watch football on the channel, rather than listen to it on another medium which gives a quality sound or text commentary, without bombarding me with adverts for things I don’t want or have no interest in?


I might be interested in subscribing to an advert-free ITV!

It was not asked.

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Brass Washers As Earrings and a Watering Can Handbag

I saw the first on the tube and the brass washers were there in all their engineering brilliance hanging from a young lady’s ears.  No wonder I can’t get any to complete my staircase!  I would have photograhed them for this blog, as I was so disgusted at the application. And it’s probably rude and/or illegal to take pictures of a lady’s ears on the Underground.

I saw the second last night, as a lady walked towards me on the station with what looked like a shiny green watering can under her arm. As she passed me I could see it was a handbag complete with a fake spout.

Will I ever understand women’s fashion?  Probably, never!

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The Advantage of Being a Widow

Let’s face it, there aren’t many advantages in losing your long-term partner, but there is one.

You often immediately know that a phone call is a scam or just downright fraud.

I just had a call from a number 0845-1113111, which because of its form I thought was one of those rediculous automated text messages. Annoying those may be, but at least they are genuine.  If you need to know more about the number that called me, look here.

I knew when the caller started that it was an unwanted call, as the idiot on the line asked for Mr. or Mrs.   xxxx. As my wife died over three years ago now, it wasn’t the smartest thing for him to do.  I told him politely that she’d died and the number was registered with the Telephone Preference Service.  But he kept going on about government grants and in the end I told him to Foxtrot Oscar and left him talking to the radio.

Anybody who asks for my late wife  is always considered by me to be a scammer unless they prove themselves otherwise.  Some do, as they are solicitors or other genuine callers trying to reach her, who haven’t heard that she in fact has passed on.

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How To Really Waste Money

To me, Picasso is the world’s overrated and overpriced artist, so I greet the news that the most expensive painting ever sold at public auction is to be exhibited at the Tate Modern with total indifference.

Whoever bought this painting really wasted his money.  I would say that, that is his affair and it probably is. But who’s to know who the owner is and he could be one of the world’s real nasty people.

To me art should be public and available to all.  That is why I like public sculpture, such as Temenos and the better attempts to do something positive with the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

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You’re Not Too Old at 37

Congratulations to Helen Clitheroe, who at the young age of 37 has won gold in the Indoor European Athletics Championships in Paris.

With Ryan Giggs playing on at a similar age, does it say that we’re getting physiotherapy, diet and other important disciplines better?

If so then we’re all going to benefit.

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Could We All Own Part of the Taxpayer-Owned Banks?

Liberal Democrat MP is suggesting that all adults on the electoral roll be given about a £1,000 of shares in the taxpayer-owned banks.

It looks that it could be a good idea, especially if the conditions are got right. After all it could be argued that they were bought with our money.

If nothing, it would mean that the electoral roll would probably be better than it is in some places now.

But there would have to be substantial protection against fraud. And I hope the sharesare restricted to those owning British passports.

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