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The Selfish Fuel Protestors Are At It Again!

I’ve said it before but energy prices are too low, if we are to meet our commitments to our descendents to stop global warming.

So what do those who object to fuel prices do?  They blockade Ellesmere Port and demand that fuel prices are lowered by 24p a litre. They should probably be raised and more money put into the provision of much-needed charge points for electric cars and also subsidies for those like the disabled to buy electric cars.

After all, I used to drive 40,000 kilometres a year, but now because of my stroke I can’t and manage very well on public transport.

I could also argue that the real selfish ones are those that live a long way from their work and do hundreds of kilometres a week ferrying children to schools in the other direction, before they burn up the motorway to London or Manchester, when they could easily live in the city or work over the Internet.

After all cutting the miles you drive by 25% would be equivalent for you as a similar drop in the price of fuel.

Here where I live, I get the impression that many walk or cycle their children to school and then carry on to their place of work, perhaps by taking a bus.

If I can manage public transport after a stroke, that some say nearly killed me, then others who are fit and well surely can.  Or are they more unfit than I am and just too selfish?

I shouldn’t worry about it, as in a couple of years time, we will all have to make those lifestyle changes, that circumstances have forced me to take.

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Do Tinned Artichokes Make You Rich?

I’ve just looked up the richest women in the UK.

I was once in Waitrose in Newmarket and one of the top ten was buying lots of tinned artichokes.

Is there a connection?

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Where is Shergar?

I just heard this on Radio 5.

Now that we’ve found Osama Bin Laden, by a Pakistani military base, should we look for Shergar in Aldershot?

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Bad News for Chuggers

The Sunday Times is also carrying a story that Just Giving has developed a system with Vodafone to collect donations by SMS text message.  A hundred percent of the charge will go to the charity.

They predict it will cut down the number of chuggers on our streets.

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Is This Why We Didn’t Get the 2018 World Cup?

The Sunday Times is claiming that Nicholas Leoz of Paraguay wanted a knighthood to vote for England to be given the 2018 World Cup.  So how many other of the world’s bad and nasty, who have the power in FIFA  did we turn down?  Obviously, Russia and Qatar,  put a much better case to these idiots. Probably stuffed with used euros or dollars.

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The Amazing Jack Nissenthal

Jack Nissenthal was a remarkable man, whose tale of heroism in the Second World War is now all but forgotten. I first came across his story, when Radio 4 did a piece about the RAF Sergeant and radar expert who went on the raid at Dieppe to try to find out more about German radar. He was accompanied by eleven Canadian soldiers who were under orders to not let him get captured.  In the end he didn’t meet his objective of dismantling the German radar station at Pourville, but by his quick thinking and his deep knowledge of radar systems, he was able to make the Germans give away enough of their important secrets, so that on D-Day, they were effectively without any useful radar systems.

After the raid he returned with just one of his Canadian escorts.

It is all described on this web site and a book called Green Beach.

A follow up web site tells what happened to him afterwards.

Many including Lord Mountbatten, felt he should have been given a high award for gallantry, if not the highest. He eventually went to live in Canada, where his heroism was very much recognised. This is an extract from the web page.

In August 1967 Jack returned to Pourville for the 25th anniversary of the landings and met many old and decorated friends, including Les Thrussel. Les had always told friends the story of how he had orders to shoot a top British scientist on the raid had he been in danger of capture, but nobody believed him.
Now he met Jack and told him to tell Les’s friends the truth!
In a cafe in Dieppe that evening Jack sat reminiscing with the three VC’s of the raid – Merritt, Porteous and Foote. There was a loud knocking on the door and several young Canadian soldiers serving with NATO walked in. “We heard Jack Nissen was here and we want to shake his hand”. Jack recalled afterward, “There I was sitting with three VC’s and these young men wanted to shake ME by the hand. I was in tears. This was my reward and the highlight of my life”.

But he is not mentioned in any lists of famous people from the East End of London.  He is mentioned in Wikipedia, but doesn’t have a section of his own.

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A Hurricane Over Hull

I just had to link to this web page and video, which shows a Hawker Hurricane flying over Hull yesterday to mark the seventieth anniversary of the worst two nights of the Hull Blitz.

I have my own memories of Hurricanes and they are in this rather long post.

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Was It Legal To Kill Osama Bin Laden?

The BBC asks this question on their web site this morning. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

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