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Where Is The Africa Cup of Nations?

I’ve always enjoyed this football tournament, as I said here.

But this year it’s on Eurosport and the only way to see that is by using Sky. All you get is highlights on ITV4 and that’s not in my guide.

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ITV Chooses the Wrong Film

Today on ITV3 at 12:55, you could have watched that glorious film, Carry on Cruising.

Isn’t it rather a bad choice considering the news at the moment?  But then ITV doesn’t have a Taste and Tact Department.

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Losing the Art of Packaging

I went to John Lewis at Eastfield and bought a humidifier to see if it could make me feel better in this house with underfloor central heating.

It was a bit difficult to get home and they put it in two plastic bags one inside the other.

Although it was still rather unwieldy, I managed to get it home by changing trains at Canonbury and then using a 30 bus.

There was a time, when shops would make you a nice handle from sticky tape. In the end I made one from another bag, that came with another purchase.

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Names on Clothing

I was standing in the queue in Waitrose, when a guy came up to stand behind me.  He had this jumper on advertising a company called Franklin and Marshall in large letters. As one does, I was curious as to what the firm did, as I’ve seen quite a few jumpers like this. He then said it was just the name of the brand.  When I asked how much they paid him, he just laughed.

I may well have a North Face quilted jacket, but the branding is more discrete.

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On The Only Way To Essex

Gants Hill station on the Central line on the London Underground is not only the furthest east of any totally below level station, but it is built to a unique design.

Note the seats and the barrel roofs. The station was designed by Charles Holden before the Second World War although it didn’t open until some years after the war finished. Holden did some work for the Moscow Metro and this station is reminiscent of some of those there.

Note that I’ve contrived the title of this post as the old way to Essex by car, went past the station.

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I needed to go to IKEA and an old school friend said he’d take me, as he wanted to have a look round where we lived in Southgate and towards Tottenham and Clapton.

We looked at the house where I used to live and the sink outlet from the downstairs toilet was still covered in concrete.  Why had my father done that? Partly to stop it freezing, but mainly to stop thieves nicking the lead pipe.

In this age of metal theft, some things never change!  Even after fifty years!

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Siobhan Benita: An Independent for Mayor for London

I read last night in the Standard, that Siobhan Benita, is running as an Independent for London Mayor.  Here’s her web site.

So as far as I’m concerned what has she got that appeals to me.

She certainly looks better than the three main candidates; Ken Livingston, Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick, but that is really irrelevant. On the other hand, I lived next to a woman MP for some years and know the difficulty of mixing family and politics from talking to her.  My friend had brought up three children as an MP and it didn’t help her marriage, which eventually broke.  But I don’t think she ever let those who voted for her down. But things are different now, in that nannies and other help are much more affordable.  And judging by the time you see Boris on the box doing things unrelated to his job as mayor, it is a high profile job, but you can find time for family and other things.

Like me Siobhan is a London mongrel, who has spent a fair proportion of her life in the city.

The fact that she is an Independent appeals too.  I grew up in the old Borough of Southgate, which like some of the other old London boroughs had an independent council. When the large London boroughs like Enfield was created we ended up with a Labour Council, who did the things that their party masters wanted. There was a lot of grand projects and services deteoriated. My father said it was just the same when Wood Green was merged into Haringey. And they were both Labour councils! Those with local connections were sidelined for the greater good of the party.

But she will win if her policies appeal. Or not as the case may be! I shall comment on these and what I would do if I was Mayor over the  next few days.

I think her biggest problem will be getting the media to take her seriously and also to give her the coverage she needs.

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