The Anonymous Widower

Bondage In Trumpington

I like this story from the BBC, as it has all of the threads that make up an ideal story for the tabloids or a steamy novel.

Trumpington is a picturesque village with an interesting history. They even had a bed burial and Chaucer based the Reeve’s Tail there. Now srely a bed burial is rather kinky!

I even went to a reception there, after two members of C’s chambers had tied the knot.

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How Many Roman Catholic Priests Are Married?

Most people, myself included, would have answered none to this question. But now after this case reported here and in several papers like The Times, the question is how many other priests are leading a hypocritical double life?

I think the Catholic church should take serious action to stop priests from doing things their vows of chastity explicitly forbid them. I’m told that there are fiendish devices available on the Internet, which have their origins in those, that mediaeval knights locked around their ladies interesting bits.

Alternatively, they could change the vows and make them more in line with the real world.

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Cardinal O’Brien In The Doo-Dah

I can’t say I hold a brief for the views of Cardinal O’Brien, as what right does anybody have to deny anybody a proper marriage, be they straight, gay, divorced or widowed.

So I was rather pleased that Stonewall’s bigot of the year, has got dropped in it, from a great height by a former priest and some other complainants. The priest left the priesthood and got married, which probably sums up the real fault of Catholic doctrine. Being denied your instincts, like wanting to have a meaningful relationship with someone that might lead to marriage, surely causes more problems than it solves.

The full story is here on the BBC.

I do fear that if people like O’Brien are choosing the new Pope, what sort of dinosaur will they choose?

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The Gay Marriage Vote Today

Why has such a simple proposition created so much amount of useless hot hair?

I was married to a lovely woman for nearly forty years and know the value of such a relationship. There is also the work of William Farr in the 1850s, to reinforce it, as I outlined here.

So what right does anybody have to deny anybody happiness?

If we do, we’re following the route of religious nutters, like the Taliban and some Christian and other groups, who deny women a good life.

I would also take civil partnerships further and allow it to any couple, who wanted it. C and I had a pretty good marriage, but at times we wondered, if it would matter, if we hadn’t got married or not.  Some couples, who don’t think marriage is for them for various reasons, might prefer a civil partnership to sort out their tax affairs, if one sadly dies. When C died, it saved a fortune in various taxes compared to if we’d just been living together.

There is also the problems of say two widowed sisters or brothers living together for economic and companionship reasons.  Should they be allowed a civil partnership to perhaps put their financial affairs on the same basic as any other couple. In C’s work as a family barrister, she came across several cases like this. Often the surviving sibling would be living in a dingy flat on benefit.  We owe people a better life and all it would need would be the extension of civil partnerships.

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The Red Sock Code

This article is both tragic and sad, but funny and gives a good feeling.

So what’s wrong about bring ladies, or men for that matter, of easy virtue, into a care home to help with the caring?

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Not So Gay Paris!

This story is the most shared this morning on the BBC’s web site. here’s the first paragraph.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Paris over plans to give gay couples in France the right to marry and adopt children.

France seems to be getting in more and more messes, what with the taxes, jobs and the economy in general. Will they come to regret their incursion into Mali.

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Americans Like To Live Dangerously

Two stories from the United States on the BBC’s web site have caught my eye.

The first concerns the upcoming python hunt in the Everglades in Florida. Apparently most of the snakes are the offspring of Burmese pythons released into the sensitive wildlife area. How stupid to do that in the first place, as after all there are so many examples around the world from the damage done by introduced species from over a hundred years ago, like rabbits and camels in Australia and grey squirrels in the UK.

The second isn’t possibly so dangerous and concerns porn actors being made to wear condoms in Los Angeles. I can’t possibly comment as I don’t watch those sort of tacky films and I haven’t tried to use a condom for many decades.

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The Archbishop Is So Out Of Touch

I shall be sitting down to Christmas lunch with two same-sex couples in long term relationships.  So what right does this dinosaur of a churchman have to condemn gay marriage?

None! In my view.

I don’t know the scriptures well, but I do seem to have read that Jesus opened his ministry to all. He is said to have healed a Roman centurion’s servant in both Luke and Matthew. I don’t think that Roman soldiers were the most popular people at that time.

Let’s face it too, but unmarried priests really know nothing about how a marriage is a real strength in human life. As someone, who was married for nearly forty years, I have a lot more experience than he has.

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Sex On The Underground

What would Mary Whitehouse have thought about these two posters at Angel station?

On the other hand, who’s to know what Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse got up to in the privacy of their own home.

I’m a bit surprised that the web site is using that URL. Perhaps, they are expecting to be sued, so they get a lot of free publicity.

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Odd Links In My Family Tree

With all the fuss about gay marriage, it is worth noting who you could marry was different in the past.

One of my ancestors in about 1850 was the progeny of one pair of marriages, where two brothers married two sisters. I’m not sure who, but one of the brothers and one of the sisters, who weren’t married to each other, died, leaving the two surviving parents with several children. They obviously lived together, as the union produced some more brothers and sisters.

But the law at the time, said that marriage was not allowed.

Today, in this rare situation, there would be no problem if the two parents wanted to marry, as the law has changed.

I think that the current position is sensible, but I doubt there have been many cases, where someone has married their sibling’s widow.

Leviticus incidentally has a view.

If a man takes his brother’s wife, it is impurity. He has uncovered his brother’s nakedness; they shall be childless.

That certainly didn’t occur in my ancestor’s case, as there were at least two more children. Genetically, of course, they shared a lot of genes, but they would have been no more inbred than the original children.

There is also the case of two of my mother’s brothers, who married first cousins.

Now that still happens! Although for genetic reasons, I don’t think it is a good idea. It would also be impossible for me, as I have no female first cousins and only ever had one. There is a good discussion on Wikipedia.

Last night, there was a very heated debate on gay marriage on BBC Radio 5.  So for those who say it is against the Bible, I say that for reasons  of common human decency, the law can and should be changed, just as it was to help those like my Victorian ancestors.

I’m very much with David Cameron’s view, that everybody has the right to a long,  happy and fulfilling marriage.  I certainly enjoyed my marriage for nearly forty years until my wife died.

Widowhood is not the best of circumstances.

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