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Indian Ocean Made Me Cry

I’m watching a new series on the BBC, called <Indian Ocean, where Simon Reeve circles the ocean of that name.

He started at the the Cape of Good Hope and of course he had to show the African Penguins that inhabit the coast.

Those penguins always make me cry as I remember a wonderful holiday C and I had there in one of the first winters of the new century.

She loved those penguins and I’ll always remember the day we saw them in Boulder.

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They Were Buried Facing South

There has just been a fascinating documentary about Frank Wild, a little known Antarctic explorer and his relationship to Sir Ernest Shackleton.

It ended with Wild’s ashes being united with Shackleton’s grave on South Georgia.

In respect of their prowess in Antarctic exploration,they were buried facing south towards the pole.

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The Waitrose Self-Service Tills

I have used self-service tills  in Marks & Spencer, B & Q and I think Sainsburys for some time and it has only been in the last month or so, that they’ve installed them in my closest branch of Waitrose at Upper Street.

At this point, I should say I’ve had a stroke and although unrelated, my left hand is not the best, as my arm was broken fifty years ago, by the school bully.

Consequently, I find Waitrose’s system of bags on the self-service tills to be totally unacceptable, as it is impossible to put goods into the bags with one hand. The Marks system is very much superior and I have no problem. The bags Waitrose use seem to be much more difficult to separate than those of other shops.  But it has always been thus!

Thinking about it, the Marks system is much more right-handed than the Waitrose one, although both feed goods from left to right.

I now find, I’m shopping much more in Marks on a daily basis, because I prefer to use a self-service machine, so that I’m on my way quickly. As sometimes at Upper Street, the self-service tills are completely free with long queues at the manned check-outs, others might think as I do about the new tills.

I could shop at another branch and frequently do, if I travel across London, but Upper Street, is the only branch that does Home Delivery for me and it is the only branch on a single bus ride from my house.

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Where’s The Beef?

The proverbial question only had one answer today and that was in the Northgate Arms on Southgate Road about a mile or so north of the infamous Silicon Roundabout.

I had mine with just a few vegetables and a glass of wine.It was definitely worth the walk down the road.

The best beef I ever tasted was some home-killed beef from a farmer friend in Suffolk.  But then killing your own is illegal, as it was then, so I suspect that route to good beef is probably closed now.


But then if you want good meat, the less stress the animal gets the better!


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Eat Your Heart Out, Chloe Jennings-White

This was the last words on Melanie Reid’s excellent article in yesterday’s Times, where she describes the lifestyle of a post-op transsexual called Clive Jennings-White, who through choice lives most of his life in a wheel-chair and wants his spinal cord cut, so he can be a paraplegic.  Obviously, Jennings-White is as they used to say is as daft as a brush. He reminds me of an American psychiatrist, who deliberately got pregnant and when the child was born, had her adopted, so she could understand the feelings of mothers, who had had their children adopted. C used to know the daughter and to say she was disturbed and difficult would have been an understatement.

We have enough disturbed and disabled people in this world, who ended that way through no fault of their own, so I hope Clive/Chloe Jennings-White doesn’t get his or is it her wish!

Melanie, who broke her back in a riding accident, leaves everyone in no doubt about where she stands. This is one paragraph from her article.

Indeed, in the race to see who can be the most disabled, in this age of barmy victimhood, Jennings-White puts many a nose out of joint because she is hard to trump. Especially disabled gay women, a fearsome pressure group, who on the internet froth with rage. “It is already so hard for disabled lesbians… this man is appropriating so many identities and causing so much harm,” posted one.

She admits to not having enjoyed researching anything as much for a long time.

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Harry Drops His Brother and Kate In It!

Prince Harry presented the prizes at the London Marathon today and was asked if he’d ever do it. He said possibly, but he said his brother and Kate were going to do it next year!

Who needs brothers or brothers-in-law like Harry?

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Dorothy Tyler Starts the London Marathon

Dorothy Tyler is to start the London Marathon.  She is 92, and the only female athlete to win an Olympic medal before and after the Second World War, as she won silver medals in the high jump in Berlin in 1936 and London in 1948.

The 1936 contest was surrounded by Nazi chicanery. It’s all detailed here. Hitler was really pleased that the event was won by the Hungarian,Ibolya Csak, who just happened to be Jewish. The Germans plan of getting a man to enter, spectacularly backfired, when Dora Ratjen came fourth.

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