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And Now A Sprinter Arrives From Nowhere!

After the high jumper from Enfield, who nobody had heard of, BBC London has just announced the breakthrough into top class of Adam Gemili from Dartford. He has now run the second fastest time for a European over 100 metres this year as the BBC reports.

If this is only a taster, it’ll be a summer of good surprises.

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The Sun Discusses Zopa

I was a bit surprised at this story about peer-to-peer lending that appeared in The Sun.

It is a fair factual article, which should make readers think about what they should do with their money.

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A Death Sentence for Dancing

This video is on the BBC’s web site. It tells the story of four women and two men, who may have been sentenced to death at a wedding for dancing.  The Pakistan Supreme Court is investigating.

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A Clip of Video from the RAF

The RAF has just released this video taken from the Lancaster during the flypast to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Note that the pilot and passengers in the Lancaster, are wearing very 1940s bone-domes.  It would also appear, that there are quite a few free-loaders going along for the ride.

The RAF should make more videos like this.

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Cardiff City To Change Colours

It would appear that the new Malaysian owners of Cardiff City are going to change the teams colours from blue to red, as reported here.

To my mind Cardiff City are one of those teams that don’t play in distinctive or unusual colours like Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Norwich City or QPR, so in some ways to change from one common colour to another is very strange.

Does it show that the new owners don’t understand football at all? If so, Cardiff City are on a steep slope to oblivion. Especially, as changing colours will alienate a large percentage of the fans. Are they going to buy new shirts?  I doubt it!

Time will tell on this, but I think it’s a bit of a disaster.

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Every Party Needs At Least A Few Irish

The torch is now in St. Stephen’s Green in the middle of Dublin. I think, for the rest of the Torch Relay, the places that follow will have a lot to live up to.

I had thought about going and I’m afraid that this will rank as one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. There’s some pictures here.

On the log with the relay, there’s a picture of the torch being taken into Government buildings.  They’d only do that in Ireland without malice!

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The Republic Does the Torch Proud

This morning, I’ve watched the torch go through Dublin. Crowds are as big as ever.

You only know it’s Dublin, as you see green Irish rugby shirts, the odd tricolour and the Georgian houses still have their original railings.

The only problem was that they lost the 3G signal, when Jedward carried the torch, as everybody was there.

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