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Torch Chasing in North London – Islington Green

I went up to Islington Green to see the Olympic Torch Relay.

The only sad bit, was that the Police seemed to have arrested a drunk.

Is that blue sky real?

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Torch Chasing in North London – Southgate

Today, I went to see the Olympic Torch Relay in Southgate, where I went to school at Minchenden.

Unfortunately, a jobsworth wasn;t allowing access to the old school grounds, so all I got was a picture of my first classroom and the wall that kept us all in. So instead, I walked to Southgate Green and watched the torch come through there. Note the Lothian and Borders policeman! Southgate must be one of the cushiest postings in London.

I also made a video of the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed.

I was standing outside Walker School.

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Torch Chasing in West London – Ealing

Today the torch arriving in Ealing, so I took the Central line out to Ealing Broadway station. I took these pictures before and mainly after an early supper in Carluccio’s in Ealing Green.

This road has a lot of good memories for me, as in a wine bar here, a lot of the plotting and design concerning Artemis was done over lunch, whilst some of us were working in Richard Evans house.

Those were the days and I suspect anybody who reads this will drink to absent friends.

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Praise For Hackney, Wooden Spoon for Wandsworth

I know I missed the torch at the end of my road, but that was mainly because I took too long for a pit stop, but I did know where it was going to go, as the maps were good.  But that is not what can be said for Wandsworth yesterday, where I tried to see the torch about 17:00. When I asked around, people seemed to be very anti-Olympics and it seemed mainly because of the Olympic Route Network, that made driving difficult.  But then I always remember that driving is difficult south of the river.

Wandsworth or at least the centre is perhaps best summed up by the old Ram Brewery site. There’s even an old steam engine in there somewhere, that worked until the 1980s.

It used to produce one of the best real ales, but look at it now.

Chemical lager manufacturers have a lot to answer for. ADanish friend of mine once said that in Denmark, Carlsberg bought up every brewer and meant the only beer you could get is their product.  He advised all in the UK, to not let it happen here.

It doesn’t matter to me now, as I can’t drink beer, but I know many feel that the destruction of the traditional British drinking culture has been one of the disasters of the last few decades. As a policeman once told me in all seriousness, you never get trouble in a real ale pub.

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Torch Chasing in East London – Walthamstow

I then rushed to Walthamstow to see the torch in Hoe Street.

I think the mood of everybody was summed up, as a police motorcyclist tried to nick a Jamaican flag from someone standing on the side of the road. In fact the officers were very much in the swing of things, probably doing no more, than make sure no-one got run over.

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Torch Chasing in East London – Clissold Park

On Sunday, I missed the torch at the end of my road, as after the Royal London Hospital, it took me longer to get home, have a pit-stop abnd then get down there. So Ijumped on a 141 bus and went to Clissold Park.

The torch was visiting the Hackney Festival.

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Torch Chasing In East London – Royal London Hospital

My granddaughter was born in the Royal London Hospital.  So I had to go along and take some pictures.

The hospital now has been almost completely reconstructed and the famous facade is in the process of being refurbished. Note how in the distance in many of these pictures you can see The Gherkin.

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Torch Chasing In East London – Stepney Green to the Royal London Hospital

I then walked along the Mile End Road to then catch the torch at the Royal London Hospital

As I walked I met an engineer of Bangladeshi origin , who had been born in the area and he added to my knowledge of the local history. We did wonder what William Booth would have thought of the Olympics and the changing face of the East End of London. Sadly some of the problems he highlighted and fought are still around.

I wonder how many pictures of the Torch Relay will feature that branch of Barclays at the corner of the infamous Sidney Street in the background. I await the writ from Lloyds TSB to remove my two pictures.

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Torch Chasing In East London – Stepney Green

I went torch chasing in East London yesterday. I first took the Tube to Stepney Green station.

The crowds weren’t that big, but this was because most of the people were at Stepney Green itself, rather than on the main road, by the Tube station. Probably sensible, as it is one of the main roads in and out of London.

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Are Carluccio’s Putting In Extra Seats For The Torch Relay?

Carluccio’s in Upper Street in Islington is covered in scaffolding, as this picture shows.

Are Carluccio’s Putting In Extra Seats For The Torch Relay?

As the Olympic Torch Relay passes their restaurant on the 26th of July at around 08:20, are they putting in extra seats to take advantage of the expected crowds?

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