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Where Is Roy Brooks When You Need Him?

I was taken over a property tonight, that if the owner had wanted to sell it, he’d have been in great need of the estate agent, who could sell anything; Roy Brooks.

This article sums up the Roy Brooks, that everybody knew from his adverts in the Sunday papers. Here’s a paragraph from the article.

Who could resist making an app-ointment to view a bargain described thus: “Wanted: Someone with taste, means and a stomach strong enough to buy this erstwhile house of ill-repute in Pimlico. It is untouched by the 20th century as far as conveniences for even the basic human decencies are concerned. Although it reeks of damp or worse, the plaster is coming off the walls and daylight peeps through a hole in the roof, it is still habitable judging by the bed of rags, fag ends and empty bottles in one corner. Plenty of scope for the socially aspiring to express their decorative taste and get their abode in The Glossy, and nothing to stop them putting Westminster on their notepaper. Comprises 10 rather unpleasant rooms with slimy back yard, 4,650 Freehold. Tarted up, these houses make 15,000.”

There is also a book on Roy called Brothel in Pimlico.  It sounds like a must-have for every toilet!

The trouble is do we miss Roy’s humour or honest estate agents most?

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India’s Strike Against Foreign Supermarkets

Two Tesco stories in a row, must be some sort of record for this blog. But India has had a partial strike against opening up their economy to foreign supermarkets. It’s reported here on the BBC.

Perhaps, Tesco and the others, should strike and refuse to serve anybody, who looks like they come from the sub-continent.  Or perhaps they could picket Asian corner-shops.

On the other hand there must be a compromise, which would be best for all!

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Tesco’s Poor Offerings

I went back to Woodgrange Park station, to see if I could learn more about the junction between the Gospel Oak to Barking line and the Great Eastern Main line.

But as one does, I got hungry and popped into a local Tesco Express to get a snack.

I did manage a drink, as small Innocent Smoothies were on offer, but for snacks, it was either usual gluten-rich rubbish  or packs of three chocolate bars. No wonder half the country is going to Hell in a handcart!

So I left hungry!

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Was Kate Caught Smoking?

It does appear that the infamous photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, might show her smoking, as well as sunbathing topless.

I suspect many will find smoking a greater moral crime. Especially, as you probably get a worst cancer from smoking than sunbathing.


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Waiting For A New Bus for London

I was waiting for a 38 or 56 bus at the Angel, this afternoon and as I had a couple of moderately-heavy bags from Waitrose and the stop was busy, I waited about twenty metres away from the stop, in case a New Bus for London arrived. I wasn’t the only one and when a bus did arrive, we all formed a secondary queue and got on at the back door, when the conductor beckoned. If one hadn’t have arrived, we’d have all waited until the main queue had shortened and then joined the first bus.

I think we’re just going along with the designer’s plans, as the New Bus was quickly on its way. It will be interesting to see how much New Buses for London save on journey times.

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A Stray Airliner?

In my exploration of the Gospel Oak to Barking line, I decided to follow the line on Google Maps. All went well and I was able to see where the electrification stopped and kicked in around South Tottenham. And then I found this image, as the railway passes south of Seven Sisters station.

I wonder how many stray planes are available to view on Google Maps?

Can anybody identify the tail to determine the airline? Judging by the silhouette, it looks like it’s some variant of Boeing 737.

If you want to find it, type “Seven Sisters station” into Google and then select maps.  The plane is just south of the station.

As someone, who has over a thousand hours in command of an aircraft, you are taught under Visual Flight Rules to fly with the line feature on your left. So it could be they’ve taken off from Stansted and they’re following the railway. But then, they wouldn’t be under these rules over London, except in very special circumstances.

Identifying the airline would help solve the puzzle!

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